A wide array of Shopping Mall – The global council of shopping centers has classified the shopping malls. They’ve been categorized into eight types. These include superregional center, community center, fashion center, specialty center, outlet center, community center, and a festival or subject center. It was made common if this record was printed in 1999. However, this listing was meant specifically and then another list was printed for the remainder of Europe.

There is A neighborhood center a scale mall that serves a neighborhood. They have a supermarket as an anchor or a pharmacy. They’re commonly arranged in a strip mall’s format. These kinds of malls have an area of approximately 30,000 to feet. An area is also served by them.

A community hall is said to be larger. Additionally, it offers an assortment of goods. They feature two stores that are larger than that of a neighborhood center

A center is a sort of a shopping mall that’s designed that it can serve a larger area when compared to a shopping mall. Thus it’s capable of supplying an area that is larger and it can serve customers at a time period.

Festival center – a shopping center has a theme that’s followed their design and also by stores. They are situated in the urban areas and appeal to a significant number of tourists.