Two Ways To Your Own Online Shopping Business (Without The Startup Capital)

February 22, 2018 Jofez Mraz 0 Comments

With today’s internet technology, anyone can actually make money online. Anyone with a computer and an internet connection that is. Online business and money making opportunities allow anyone with basic knowledge of computing can actually earn while in the comfort of their home.

These online businesses such as drop shipping and affiliate marketing do not need corporate startup partnerships, to begin with, because the business is easy and straightforward. This allows you to earn without really spending a dime on startup capital compared to traditional businesses where working capital is a requirement. In this article, we are going to show you two ways to earn without practically spending anything.

As a comparison, starting a traditional business, let’s say a fashion store will need an actual store to display the goods, some manpower, inventory, and etc. Not to mention that you will have to comply with some industry standards in safety as mandated by law.

Drop Shipping Scheme

Have you heard of the Drop Shipping Business scheme? The idea behind this business is to resell items from other stores at a higher markup, where the owner of the product will directly ship the product to the customer. All you really need is a source product, an online store, and a strategy.

In eBay for instance, you can start a store without for free for limited listings but it eliminates much of the financial costs of building a website. And since you don’t have to hold the product for inventory, you don’t have to maintain a warehouse. All because you are going to work with an already existing business who manufactures the goods for you and who are open to the idea of reselling products.

Any time one among your consumers decides to purchase something, you buy the item through a thirdparty organization for a cheaper price. This method is really as basic as forwarding the actual purchase from your consumer, a task that can be totally programmed. After the order had been placed to the source, the source or otherwise known as the supplier will directly ship the product to your buyer.

With the dropshipping module, you are not limited to selling one product but you can actually sell as much products as you can while maintaining a minimum operating expense which are usually fees from eBay for instance or a third party software to automate the process of dropshipping.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is considerably much like dropshipping although with a few key variations. With this particular e-commerce module, you once again do not keep a stock of your items, and you do not need to think about shipping and delivery.

Essentially, you choose a lucrative market for your internet business, after which you will find an affiliate partner who have items obtainable in that market. Many of the most common affiliate websites are,, and others of the same kind. Together, they provide virtually any electronic digital info merchandise (like e-books, audio recordings, video clip documents) or physical item you can imagine.

You present the merchandise available for sale, for instance, on your own weblog or ecommerce site. Each and every item features a distinctive hyperlink that trails back to your own account along with your affiliate partner.

A potential customer who taps on the hyperlink arrives at your partner’s shopping cart software for payments or what they call check out. After they purchase, that transaction is documented and you get a commission rate. It differs with respect to the affiliate partner, however is normally 5 % to 25 % or considerably more. From this article you can see, there is very little danger on your end and also almost no expenditure required too.