Tips For Smart Shopping

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Obtaining a personal loan whether from lending companies, commercial and cooperative banks such as therce yayasan is one way to solve cash flow gaps. Once approved, make sure you put the money to good use. However, as human beings, we sometimes have that urge to go shopping knowing that we have the money to do so.

Have you ever felt bad because you went shopping either at the shopping mall, a thrift shop or even in online stores? Don’t feel too sorry or guilty. According to some experts, shopping may be dangerous for your wallet but it is beneficial to your health. How so?

A trip to the shopping mall can actually help improve an individual’s mood since it boosts your “happy hormones.” This is why studies show that “retail therapy” can actually help people who suffer from depression since it gives them control and an opportunity to socialize with other people which is good for an individual’s emotional health.

Shopping is also great for a person’s physical well-being since it involves a lot of walking and carrying of shopping bags. An article by The Daily Telegraph in Britain reported that shopping can burn around 385 calories in a week.

Nonetheless, when going on a shopping a trip, make sure you don’t become an impulsive buyer that you end up spending all of your money. These tips can help you be a smart shopper and will ultimately save you money:

  • Tip # 1: Before going shopping, always make a shopping list and as much as possible, stick to that list.
  • Tip # 2: When you see an item you want to buy, give yourself a week before purchasing it. The waiting period gives you enough time to cool down. The tendency is that you no longer have that feeling or urge to purchase the item once return after a week realizing that you don’t want it anymore
  • Tip # 3: Pay in cash since you are most likely to spend less rather than using your credit card. Psychologically, people find it harder to let go of cash than swiping their credit cards.
  • Tip # 4: Do some cleaning and decluttering before you go shopping. Give away things that others can still use that you don’t need. This will also give you a sense of appreciation of the things that you have and an indication of how much you own. This will lessen your impulse buying.

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