Why people going to Mall? – Shopping malls have evolved to match people’s because from the first malls in the 19th century. Shopping malls are the most shopping places that are preferred in our days among shoppers throughout the planet.

Common reasons why Shopper loves to spend precious time at the shopping mall are listed below.

  • Free parking facility.
  • Tons of products available.
  • A wide array of product you can to choose on in different select store.
  • The toilet is free and doesn’t forget it’s clean.
  • A place for Kids and Adults section like game zone.
  • Multi-option for foods, like food courts, restaurant, fast food and etc.
  • Also, the shopping mall has movie/cinema theater.

The shopping mall has a thing called “Sale” where product price is lower depends on the seasons like Christmas sales, New year sale, Black Friday many more. The number of shoppers in this season are increasingly higher than normal days.