How Product Reviews Impact Shopping Trends

December 16, 2017 Jofez Mraz 0 Comments

Who reads reviews before actually purchasing a product?

According to professional surveys and statistics data, there are more shoppers purchasing from the internet who read reviews compared to shoppers who actually visit the store and make a purchase. More than 5o% of online shoppers and about 40% of in-store shoppers reported reading online reviews before actually buying a product.

For instance, car amplifiers are widespread in the market but buyers would rather read car amplifier reviews before actually making a purchase whether it be through the internet or a regular brick and mortar shops. And even if reviews had been read, it is not a guarantee that consumers are locking in their purchase.

There are two types of shoppers, the impulsive buyer, and the careful buyer. The impulsive buyer will most likely push the buy button in the website before even thinking twice while the careful buyer would rather read the review and visit a shop to make sure he has a physical encounter of the product before an actual purchase. The careful buyer will also most likely make a purchase in-store rather than online.

Many online shoppers confessed to consulting reviews in order for them to avoid hassles of receiving products that don’t meet their expectations, or hassles in shipping, and hidden cost. Reviews, they say, help a lot even for those who are shopping in the store. Reviews set expectations and thus lessens the overwhelming growth of customer service calls and product returns.

How Product Reviews Make An Impact On How Consumers Shop

  • While product reviews are helpful for shoppers and manufacturers alike, it poses danger to brick and mortar stores in more ways than one. Studies show that there are more and more people who are showrooming in shops and in malls and eventually make purchases online. Showrooming allows consumers to compare prices in-store and in online shops. Online shops eventually win the consumers’ decision to buy given that they offer reduced prices compared to prices offered in stores.
  • Showrooming is growing in number especially for mobile shoppers (people who make a purchase through mobile phones). These shoppers have easy access to the internet and thus gets to compare prices more quickly and are also quick to make decisions on their buying habits.
  • In-store owners are coping up with the trend in online shopping by establishing an e-commerce store. With Amazon gaining more and more trust from their buyers, it posted a danger to many brick and mortar owners. They too eventually jump into the craze and created an e-commerce store. While this strategy works, there is no denying that Amazon still beats retailers who decided to go online.

The Growth of Online Shopping

Online shopping has grown through the years and it had been widely accepted by many consumers who have easy access to the internet. And while online shopping is growing, more and more manufacturers and retailers are thinking out of the box, bettering their marketing strategies and meeting customer needs in shopping.