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What is Shopping Addiction? – Can you budget your spending? Or are you addicted to shopping? Research proves that shopping addiction affects women while men are affected by alcoholism. Items that top the shopping list of a woman are makeup, clothing, and jewelry. If you devote a portion of your time shopping you may have a shopping addiction. You might be at risk.

To capitalize on this shopping intuition that is compulsive – stores display items alluringly side-by-side – making clients pick up what they want or need even oblivious to the fact that the money is limited. Shopaholics get high. On making the individual feel great, during shopping sprees endorphins and dopamine occurring receptor sites get changed. The nicer this feeling is that the man or woman is very likely to shop more.”

Shopping addiction is rooted in complex factors. Shopping may be a way of escapism in the realities of life and its problem – an outlet to loneliness, depression, anxiety, boredom or anger.

Shopping cures none of your fears. It seems to supply some relief. Purchasing addiction’s effects may include harm and debt to close relationships.

Shopping addiction provides only temporary happiness and could be caused by attempting to fill a void in your life with things that are materialistic.