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June 03, 2015

Top Pinterest Picks You have probably heard about Pinterest and might even have a gazillion pins on your boards from "do it yourself" ideas to the newest fashion must haves, but what about using your boards as a gift idea showcase for your friends and family to see? Creating a gift idea board for the things that you want for your new baby, or for someone who is expecting, can be a great way to get the word out that you do not want to get or gift 20 of the same blah baby gifts! Pinterest is a great place to help you showcase those precious desired baby outfits and newborn baby gifts and a great place to get inspiration from Lollipop Moon on unique, always trendy, and of course super snuggly soft baby clothes and gifts.

Beautifully Designed Baby Clothes

The designer baby clothes that you will find at Lollipop Moon are totally different than anything else you have ever seen. Designers such as HeavnlyCouture show just how special your new baby is with clothing pieces such as the I Have More Clothes Than Barbie Embroidered Shirt , which says it all on a delicate fabric that she can wear day or night! Baby Aspen woos even the hardest of hearts with their “Baby Cakes” 2-Piece Cupcake Outfit which comes ready to be admired! The boys are never left out of fashion with cute baby clothes like the Mr. Wonderful Baby Creeper by Lollipop Moon or the Little Man Pajama Gift Set - Newborn Baby Boy Gift Set by Baby Aspen which will have you swooning over that new "little man"!

Baby Gifts In High Demand

Baby gifts from Lollipop Moon hold the same amount of perfection as the outfits due to the designers being just as dedicated to keeping the gifts trendy, fashionable, and of course ready for anything. Baby Bella Maya shows this dedication with their Baby Bella Maya Lollipop Leopard Car Seat Cover & Blanket Set. This is an all year round trendy and attractive car seat cover and blanket set that is perfect to give as a newborn baby gift or to get for your new baby! The “Baby Cakes” Cupcake Socks Gift Set by Baby Aspen comes with 3 pairs of the most delicious socks that you will ever gift and don't forget the matching Newborn Baby Gifts “Baby Cakes” Set of Three Cupcake Bloomers! Hats are always a great gift for summer babies for those fun in the sun outings and the Jamie Rae Lavender Gingham Sun Hats with Pink White Large Peony are exactly what the sun doctor ordered!

Pinning, Picking, Sharing on Pinterest

The arrival of your new baby or a friends new baby is an exciting time and should be anticipated with a board dedicated to babies and full of all kinds of Pinterest picks! Lollipop Moon's list of upscale designers includes Gorgeous & Co, Mud Pie Baby Clothes, Patricia Ann Designs, and Ajo. Bebe just to name a few, so you know that any clothing or gift item posted to your baby board will be trendy and perfect for the new mom to be. Let Pinterest help you get exactly what you want for the most precious arrival in your life. Start pinning, picking, and sharing Lollipop Moon today so that you can help your friends and family indulge in the super cute wants and needs of the new mother to be!

May 4,2015

Newborn Baby Girl Gifts Lady Lulu and Baby’s Tutu” Plush Plus & Bloomer for Baby This beautifully made, super soft, and 100% loaded with sweet hugs purple hippo is one of those perfect choices for baby girl gifts! Not only will this little hippo dance into the heart of the little girl she is gifted to but she will also bring along a little matching diaper covering tutu so that they can twirl around together. This is a wonderful and very thoughtful gift for any baby girl who doesn't know just how much she is about to love hippos!

Jamie Rae Lavender Tiny Turbans with Purple Small Geraniums Photo props are always a welcome for those mom's who love to take and post a gazillion pictures, so why not gift this beautiful lavender turban hat to that photo fabulous mom! This lined yet soft hat will surely fit into any baby girls wardrobe, making it one of the cutest newborn baby girl gifts for both mom and baby!

Angel Rose Baby Gift Set Baby shower gifts can become tricky always having to worry about getting multiple of the same things off of those generic store registrations. This little angel gift set is one of those baby gifts that can, and will, break that boring repeat cycle. Perfectly pink with an angel, a kiss, and a flower print; this set is sure to be a welcome change for any expecting parent.

Born To Wear Diamonds Tutu Onesie Diamonds are a girls best friend and everyone knows that! Having take home outfits like this help show the world that, yes it starts at birth, and yes that little future fashionista truly does deserve nothing but the best. Let her personality shine through to the world from the minute she leaves the hospital in this totally trendy tutu onesie.

Pink Zebra Love Tutu Set This little tutu set will steal oh-so many hearts with the most adorable mix of delicate zebra prints, pretty pink, and of course delicate flowers! Baby gifts should never be boring whether they are toys or clothing and this little tutu outfit will definitely break that mold as soon as it comes out of the box!

Princess Prep Baby Creeper Royalty isn't born every day, but with this little creeper it can sure seem like it! This royal babies "crest" is intricately designed with cherubs, an argyle print heart, gold vines, and topped with a well deserved crown. This creeper could easily top the charts of newborn baby gifts at that next baby shower!

MAY 1, 2015

Best Birthday Party Dresses

When your precious little girls birthday is coming you have to plan for, and be ready for, many things but one thing that you might not be ready for will be having people swooning over your baby girl or young daughter's outfit more so than the gifts that are being opened! That's what happens when you find that perfect birthday dress or tutu set on Lollipop Moon's Birthday Boutique website. These imagination filled little dresses and tutu sets are so absolutely adorable and are totally sweet enough that you will have to have your cake and eat it to!

When It Comes To Beautiful Birthday Dresses Lollipop Moon Is Your First Stop

The Lollipop Moon Pink Zebra Cupcake Tutu Dress is always a big hit with an absolutely adorable black and white zebra striped ruffled tutu fluffed up by happy bright pink ruffles underneath. The tank top also has a matching black and white zebra striped cupcake with beautiful bright pink cupcake icing and of course a lite candle on top. Don't worry if zebra print's aren't on your little girls first birthday party dress list because there are plenty of other absolutely stunning options. Take the Lollipop Moon Hot Pink Cotton Candy Tutu Dress for example, this tutu dress is layered in multiple shades of pink, kissed with delicate flowers, and definitely blossoming with ruffles; so much so that this simply scrumptious dress just might be your daughter's favorite birthday dress ever! Maybe this will be your little sweet girls first birthday dress and you really want to go all out. You want something that shows that your baby girl is a Diva in training and ready to take the spot light at any given moment. If that sounds like you and your little diamond in the rough then the Lollipop Moon Light Pink Gold Satin Trimmed Tutu with Gift Box White Tank Top is the perfect dress with the most amazing blend of Diva inspired colors including stunning white, iced pink, and shimmering gold! The beautifully placed gold bows by each of the shoulders are just the tip of this "icing" burg because soon you will find yourself admiring the precious tank top's gold present wrapped in a delicate pink ribbon and bow. The tutu will catch anyone's unsuspecting eye with as they become lost in the overly fluffy polyester chiffon ruffles adorned with matching gold ribbon edging. This dress is truly the fashionista statement birthday dress of the year! If she doesn't want all that glitters gold then the Sweet Pink Cupcake Tutu Set might just be for her. This darling tutu set features a crisp white tank top with delicate pink bows by each of the shoulders and an extra delicious pink cupcake with attached flower's for the yummy icing and of course a candle to mark the special day for the special birthday girl. While the tutu has ruffle upon ruffle of sheer delight, this dress becomes the perfect dress for a first birthday and your little girl will surely love dancing and twirling about in this sweet fun filled dreamy delight! Your Frozen fan will definitely "let it go" when she see's the Frozen Glitter Birthday Pettiskirt Set! This magical blue dress has silver "iced" ribbons by each shoulder along with freshly fallen snowflakes gracefully lying on the tutu for a touch of Coronation Day readiness. No Frozen themed birthday party will be complete with out this extra special ruffle and ribbon filled dress!

Birthdays are for gathering together and celebrating the growth of your one of a kind baby girl and lots of picture taking will happen by you and all of the attendees, so make sure that your little birthday girl is ready to make her fashionable birthday debut in one of the many choices on Lollipop Moon's Birthday Boutique!


Why Buy Designer Baby Clothing?

Designer baby boutique clothing is fun to shop for, any parent knows that, but the feeling you get when wrapping your little bundle of joy in designer quality clothing is priceless! The quality of the outfits are unsurpassed and the collections from designers such as Baby Bella Maya with the Girls Fancy Frills Ruffled Diaper Cover or Lollipop Moon with the Rock Guitar Baby Gift Set are always on trend. Trendy baby clothes don't stop with just those two brands, check out the all new Haute Baby Cre'me De La Creme Baby Collection complete with the Haute Baby Cre'me De La Creme Baby Gown and Haute Baby Cre'me De La Cre'me Baby Girl Hat. This beautiful collection is just in time for those winter months where elegant ivories and beautiful black bow accents are a necessity! Faith Baby is another wonderful designer that gives you trendy baby clothes with ease, take Faith Baby Long Sleeve Ruffled Top ~ Brown and Pink, for example! To make this outfit perfect for your darling little blessing, all you have to do is add the pants and "wa-la" your little winter trend setter is ready to go!

What about this, or that, or...

Babies are always cute and cuddly no matter what, but add an outfit like the Pink Zebra Love Tutu Set, and the cuddle bug love sores through the roof! You can choose from the sweet pink tee or creeper, both come with a rosette shaped heart and irresistible tutu with black and white zebra stripes and plenty of pink ruffles! Don't forget to complete the outfit with the matching Pink Zebra Ballet Slippers with Ribbon Rose and the Pink Zebra Love Baby Beanie. Baby boys are definitely not left out of this jaw dropping cuteness with outfits like the King Of Kings Baby Creeper. Your little royal highness will steal the show and plenty of kisses by the end of the night! Don't forget to keep your little prince or princess warm during transport with Baby Bella Maya Car Seat Cover & Blanket Set's like Baby Bella Maya Royal Mist Car Seat Cover & Blanket Set for your little prince or Baby Bella Maya Pink Bella Car Seat Cover & Blanket Set!

Personalized Perfection

Personalized outfits are always special and what is not to love about the Butterscotch Blankees Pink Personalized Dresses, totally pink and personalized with your babies initials! This makes the perfect winter cozy dress for your little baby or as a gift for a friend! Tiny Touchdown 3 Piece Football-Themed Layette Set is perfect for the football lover in your life but this super cute set just isn't complete without a Football Personalized Blanket by Butterscotch Kids. The Football Personalized Blanket comes in two different sizes, one for the stroller and another for the bed or just to roll around on, this blanket has the option for initials, name, date and a variety of colors!

Not to mention...

Although Baby Aspen My Little Night Owl Snuggle Sack and Cap is not personalized this absolutely "owl-dorable" snuggle sack will have you wishing they made them in adult sizes! Soft inside and out, this snuggle sack is totally ready to keep your precious baby warm, trendy, and entertained all at the same time! The Bundle Of Love Black Damask Red Peony Baby Gown Set is a totally chic set which includes a gown and hat both with it's white and black damask print, large red peony flower, and centered Fleur De Lis! Being a Diva has never been so easy nor looked so good!


Girls Boutique Clothing Colder temperatures are coming but that doesn’t mean that your little trend setter’s style has to cool down with it. Keep her trendy and warm all at the same time with leggings designed for the not so faint at heart! Pair stylish leggings like the Pink Fleur De Lis Leggings or the Black or White Rhinestone Heart Leggings with the matching Fleur De Lis Hooded Jacket or the Black Heart with Wings Hooded Jacket for that extra pop of warm style! If your little one want’s to be a winter snow bunny then the Blue Ice Frozen Fancy Headband For Girls is exactly what she needs to make any winter outfit, and moment, magical! This headband gives you and your trend setter the perfect excuse to go out or stay in and play dress up with beautiful yet timeless details like icy blue and ivory rosettes, ivory lace and a mix of ivory and gold pearls. Accessories like the Blue Ice Froze Fancy Headband are easy to find on Lollipop Moon, your online girls boutique! Another ready to wear, and steal the show, outfit is Isobella & Chloe Hot Pink Carnival Tunic Set! This hot pink pant and long sleeve tunic set is the absolute perfect outfit for all of those fashionable tea parties or super chic sleep overs! Hot pink pants are just a comfy slice of the tunic set which also includes a hot pink matching top adorned with ruffles and flowers. Girl’s boutique clothing should not be hard to find nor should they be blah to look at, just take a look around and see for yourself!

Lollipop Moon has many designers for you to choose from such as Tutu Couture, your one stop shop for beautiful puffy energy filled tutu’s like the Sweetheart Pettiskirt - Carribean Ruffle which comes in bright colors of yellow, turquoise & lime, and of course candy pink! The extra puffiness and innocent sweetness rolled in an elastic waistband really make these tutu’s the most exciting talk of the town! Kota Couture designs outfits with pizazz, outfits such as Kota Couture Love My Heels Pant Set, which shows exactly what all trendy women love SHOES!! This simple yet elegant outfit has a white long sleeve shirt with a designer red bottom and cheetah print high heel shoe and a black bow along with sparkles glimmering all around it! The black pants carry on that sophisticated chic look with red bows on the outside base of each leg. This outfit will not be the one that sits in your daughters drawer or balled up in a corner, no this outfit will demand to be worn every chance it gets! Royal Brat keeps the trendy kids clothes designed for easy addition to your daughter's wish list with their Royal Brat Personalized Monogram Vines Tank! This tank is absolutely perfect with monogramed clothing being totally in right now, but what makes it even better is the fact that it is available for personalization which is a must for every Diva! Designer Melissa Jane will make you wish you were a kid again after looking at their beautifully designed dresses like Fabulous Champagne Girls Feather Dress. This stunning dress has layers of chiffon, feathers, rosettes, pearls and more that flow together like a beautiful silk symphony! Details such as a removable sash and brooch really bring back the days of unexplainable elegance. These boutique girls clothes are just a few of the easy to find pieces at Lollipop Moon, so let yourself get lost amongst the pages of young girl’s fashion that can take you through the "short on time city" to the "edges of the elegant earth" all in the comfort of your own home!


Trendy Baby Clothes

Tis The Season For Cute!

Tis the season of holiday party after holiday party so be prepared and have your little one dressed to impress with the latest trendy baby clothes from Lollipop Moon, your specialty online baby boutique! Why should you shop Lollipop Moon for your child’s clothes, because shopping here raise’s the cuteness factor of your child’s wardrobe several notches with an instant glance! Outfits like One Posh Kid Lil Pumpkin Longhall, definitely makes Halloween parties more Treat rather than Trick with black and white stripes, polka dots, orange flared legs, and an absolutely scrumptious centered orange rosette shaped pumpkin! November brings even more chances to wear fall colors and find super cute and unique baby clothes like the Mr. Conservative Baby Creeper which may sound like a regular creeper but when viewed, you instantly know that your baby boy MUST have this sophisticated yet adorable creeper, with 5 different tie designs to choose from this will make him the sweetest talk of the night! One Posh Kid Mustard Stripe Ruffle Set is another great fall choice complete with a white bell long sleeve top and super comfy mustard striped ruffled bell pants! December can easily sneak up on you and your annual family portraits can become not as organized as you would have liked, so giddy on over and take a gander at the Baby Cowboy Two-Piece Layette Set. This set will melt your heart within minutes of laying eyes on your baby boy wearing it, with a red and white checkered top, blue jean color bottoms, large belt buckle, and tall brown cowboy boots all in one, plus don’t forget the matching cowboy hat which is also included! Finding baby boutiques online can be difficult and finding one that fits into your budget can be even more difficult but with baby and toddler outfits as cute as these and all being located in one easy to shop online baby boutique with prices that make splurging ridiculously easy, there is no reason for your child to not be the next trend setter in your neighborhood!

October 13, 2014

Lollipop Moon Ice Cream Cone Couture Tutu Set Birthday Party Dress for your baby Is your baby turning one? Do you want her look so fashionable on her first birthday celebration? Then, you will need a better option for her First Birthday dress. One of the most exciting and most awaited moments in your life is seeing your girl on her first time to wear party dress. Typically, there are parents who seemed to be more excited while looking for a stylistic and comfortable baby dress. It is really interesting to choose a dress for your little girl and while deciding to get one, you can add Lollipop Moon Ice Cream Cone Couture Tutu Set in your dress choices. Bring the party of your little one into the next-level fashion style. This lollipop moon ice cream cone design can take your baby girl into the sweeter look. This cute dress is designed with pink ruffles around the bottom part. It can be one of the cutest dresses that your baby can wear. This can be an awesome birthday dress that will surely make the invitees more amazed. It pink color that adds girly look is a good factor to introduce your baby in her first year to celebrate birthday. Product Features
• The tank is purely made of cotton fabric with chiffon • The dress is designed with a cute pettiskirt • The dress comes with a waist band that can be adjusted depending to your baby’s size • It is made with white tank and pink skirt • Best suited for baby’s aging 1 to 2 years old Pros • Fashionable The dress is better choice for those who want to employ fashion style on their baby girl. Its design is truly well-planned to come up with a fashionable design of dress. It has an icecream design that adds glow to the dress. • Tutu skirt The bottom part of dress is integrated with a tutu style. Tutu is a design of skirt that is commonly worn by the ballet performers. The dress will bring your baby in the world of enticing ballet through wearing tutu set. • 100% cotton The tank of the dress is purely made of cotton fabric. This is a good material to ensure the comfort of the one year old baby girl. • Pleasing color The color is quite good for a baby to wear. Its dominating pink color will give your baby a more childish look. • Adjustable waist band The dress comes with adjustable waist band. It is good feature that makes you easily fit the dress on the waist of your baby. • Girly look The ribbons and small flowers attached on the dress are the main attractions that give girly look to your baby.

It is really exciting to decide the style or color of dress that your girl will be wearing for the party. There are various options that can help you easily decide about this matter. If you want a memorable experience with your daughter, you should choose her First Birthday Dress that put her as the center of the celebration. And one of the options is Lollipop Moon Ice Cream Cone Couture Tutu Set.

September 7,2014

What You Will Need For Baby

You may now be asking yourself... uhhhh, how do I even know what I need or want for my little one? The truth is that this will be different for everyone, but there are some many things every baby needs (Hello Like Diapers , Wipes ect...)

Here,I have created the ultimate list of what every baby needs and every mother will need (and every store will try to sell you), along with tips to help you make the right choices. It's easy to get overwhelmed, but just remember - that's why you register and read many diffrent blogs and join some mommy groups ! To stay current with updates on fashion here, follow me on Facebook! To visit our online store click here And off you go.. Nursery Setting up the nursery can be overwhelming. Everyone's nursery will be different - some are a dedicated room, some are the corner of your bedroom. Either way, there's things you'll need (and want).

• Crib - This is a need the most important need you will need. You may choose to have a bassinet, bassinets are perfect for the first two months , but as you baby grows you will need a crib. (The only reason not to buy a crib is if you plan to co-sleep - baby in bed with you. In that case, you may want to buy a co-sleeper instead!) • Bassinet - This is a want- We received our bassinet as a gift for my baby shower- Iam grateful I did receive it because it came in good use. I but the bassinet right next to my bed and was able to get some rest once my baby was sleeping. The bassinet will only last about two - three months if that. • Changing table - This is a want- We did have a changing table but it was attached to our dresser- We added a padded changing pad and did make like allot easier. Just be extremely careful never leave your baby unattended while on the changing pad not even for one second. • Crib mattress & changing pad - These are both needs. When choosing a crib mattress, consider top quality when making your purchase. Your little one will be using it in their crib and toddler bed. Spend the money here, please. Some changing tables will come with a flimsy changing pad, but I highly recommend getting a contoured and comfortable changing pad for your little one. Do you research on the great brands out there ask mommy blogs what they think. • Rocker/glider/recliner - This is a need. I mean, it's not really a "need", but trust me - I wish I did have one. I did not get one since space was an issue in my apartment. But when visiting a friend she had one and it felt great to sit there and relax during a feeding. If you have the space I definitely would recommend getting one. • Other furniture - This is all wants. You may choose to have a bookshelf - we are using another family heirloom china cabinet as a bookshelf in our nursery. It works perfectly with the look and feel in there. You may also want to have a dresser, in addition to a changing table. I have to say, with my foster son, I only had his changing table and closet (no dresser). I kept his onesies and little pants in baskets under his changing table. It worked just fine! A nightstand can come in handy next to your chair. I like to keep one topped with a soft light and a couple of extra books, pacifiers, bibs, and burp cloths in the drawer. It's also a great spot to set a bottle when baby is finished or a cup of coffee when you need a pick-me-up! • Bedding - Of course, this is a need. However, buying a fancy bedding set is a total want. You can mix and match to create a very cool and eclectic bedding set for less than a "bed in a bag" type set. We have opted to go with a nursery theme (Peter Rabbit/Beatrix Potter), but we are pulling through colors to purchase additional bedding and accessories that "go", but don't "match". You will need at least 2 waterproof crib mattress pads (get the soft kind though, for everyone's sake), 3-4 crib sheets (so you don't have to do laundry every time your kid springs a leak), and a bumper set (if you're worried about suffocation, get the mesh bumpers - you'll want some protection from little limbs slipping through the crib slats!). You will also need at least 2 changing pad covers and may want the convenient waterproof liners. You may also want a cute "comforter" to hang over the side (or back of your chair) and a dust ruffle to accent the bedding. • Monitor - This is a need, although you have to determine what kind your family needs. A simple audio monitor to listen in on baby is all that's necessary. You may choose to buy a video monitor like we did, that allows you to hear and see your little one. We got an amazing camera for under $100, while the comparable "baby video monitor" was over $200. It's better quality and has more features! • Accessories - Some of these are needs, some are wants. For instance, you will need a cool mist humidifier (especially for cold times when the heat is turned up high - I'm looking at you, hubby!), some kind of laundry basket, and a nightlight (to sneak in for a peek, without turning on a light). You may want a pretty mobile for over the crib, sound machine or music player to play lullabies, baskets to organize toys and blankets, and wall decor to match your theme. Feeding & Diapering

• Breast pump - This is a need, IF you're breastfeeding, of course. Before you add it to the registry, you may want to consult your insurance company about receiving one free. I was lucky enough to be gifted an electric double pump from a friend. Especially if you're going to be a working mama, you will love the efficiency of a double pump! If you live in an area that Mother Nature likes to mess with, you may want to consider (either as a primary or back up) a manual pump - they are inexpensive and don't require anything but (wo)manpower! I plan to keep one on hand during hurricane season here in southern Louisiana! • Breast pump accessories - These are also needs! You will kick yourself if one of your membranes fail at 3 am and you don't have backups! It's worth buying them now and keeping them on hand - when you need them, you need them! You will also need milk storage bottles or bags. You may also want to get the sanitizing microwave bags - that allow you to sanitize your pump parts quickly and easily! • Nursing cover - This is a want, since technically a blanket works too, but man, it's handy! You can get mass produced ones by Boppy and the like, or take to Etsy and find beautiful custom covers. • For the nursing mama - These are all needs for you, mama. Some women feel these are too "personal" to put on a registry, some have no shame in their game - your call! You'll want 2-3 nursing bras, remembering that your breast size will change right after birth and again a couple weeks later, so there's the chance you'll be buying a few different sizes as you go. You'll also need nursing tanks, nursing pajamas, nursing pads, and nipple cream - so glamorous! • Formula - If you aren't breastfeeding, you'll obviously need formula ready to go! How much depends on how often you plan to run to the grocery store. Even if you are breastfeeding, you may still choose to have some on hand. • Boppy pillow - This is a want again, since technically any ole pillow will do. If you're tight on a budget and have a long list of needs still unpurchased, take this off the registry and look in a consignment shop. Wash it and buy a new slipcover. Bam! • Bottles - This is another need. Unless you are living a life that I'm eternally jealous of, you will at some point not have your boob and baby in the same place at the same time. If you're planning to breastfeed, you want to look into brands with nipple that replicate, uh, your nipples. You may also want to seriously consider using the same pump and bottle brand - nothing easier than directly pumping into your bottles, right? If you're not planning to breastfeed, get what you want! Don't get attached to what kind of bottle your child MUST use - he/she will let you know what works AND what doesn't. I suggest registering for 6 each of your top 2 brands. Go from there. • Bottle brush & drying rack - This is a need, unless you're running your dishwasher all day! • Dishwasher basket - This is a need, to keep from melting bottle parts in the bottom of your dishwasher. • Bottle warmer & sterilizer - These are just wants - and honestly things you probably won't use that often. The warmer may come in handy, but most take longer to warm than just going old school. Skip them, unless you really really want them. • High chair - This is a want. You won't use if for the first few months, so it's definitely something that can come later. There's also many other options for feeding spots, like a Bumbo or walker, that can serve double duty. My foster son's favorite feeding spot was his exersaucer! You can also get high chairs that sit in a regular chair or clip on to the table - they take up less space and can be moved around with ease! • Bibs & burp cloths - This is a need and in large quantity! Spoiler alert: Babies are gross. They drool, they spit up, they spill things down their fronts. Unless you want to change your kid 600 times a day, invest in bibs and burp cloths. Lots of them, at least 10 of each. Get some cheap, bulk bibs for when you introduce real foods and stock up on soft bibs for all the other times your baby is being gross. You can also find combos that pull double duty as a bib and burp cloth. You can also use prefold cloth diapers as cheap and easy burp cloths! • Baby Bullet or the likes - This is a want, really. I am making my own baby food, so this is a really big want - almost need - to me. If you are just experimenting with making your own food, start with your blender or food processor. Really, that's all you need anyway, but have you seen the cute face on the Baby Bullet? Come on. • Feeding utensils - This is a need, eventually. Baby bowls and spoons are low priced items, so they are something you should be able to comfortably buy yourself later on. Again, look at your registry and decide - are there other things I need way more than this? • Pacifiers - This depends on your parenting style, but if you're going to use them, it's a need. Just like bottles, don't get attached to what kind of pacifier your little one will like - he/she will let you know. Pick your top 3 and register for a couple of each! You may also want to register for the same brand of pacifiers and bottles, since they will have similar nipples. Another want is pacifier clips, to keep those puppies from hitting the ground 100x a day! • Teethers - This is a need, eventually. Much like feeding utensils, teething toys are inexpensive and can be purchased later. Look at your registry and make a judgment call. • Diapers - This is a need (Captain Obvious!). Whether you are cloth or disposable diapering, you need some kind of diapers. No way around it. If you're planning to cloth diaper for the first time, you may still want to register for a couple of boxes of disposable diapers. We plan to use disposables for the first week (assuming that I'll end up with that c-section I'm not excited about), since my husband will likely take the diaper helm for me. We also want to have disposables on hand for our parents, until they get the hang of the cloths. • Cloth Diapering - Remember, a newborn's diaper will be changed 10-12 times a day. So, it's really up to you to set a quantity. How often do you plan to do laundry or have a diaper service pick up? I say no less than 20 cloth diapers. It seems like a huge expense when you first look, but remember, disposable diapers aren't cheap either! You may also want to register for laundry soap - you can't just run diapers through with any ole soap! • Disposable Diapering - Again remembering how often you'll be changing baby, let this soak in. Your little one will go through roughly 3000diapers in the first year. That's not a typo. So, register register register for diapers. Shove those boxes anywhere you can store them. • Wipes - This is another need, unless you plan to make your own. If you plan to make your own, using reusable wipes, you'll still need 24-36 of those and the supplies to make them "wet". No matter how many wipes you register for, you will use them ALL. If you're using the disposable wipes (we are for now), register for some of the wipes in boxes, but also for the refills. You don't need 35904385 wipe boxes hanging around and ultimately being wasted! • Diaper Pail (like Diaper Genie) - This is a total want, if you even want it. You can just as easily get a trashcan/wet bag (which don't require pricy refills) and call it a day. Travel You will have to leave the house with your little one at some point. When that time comes, here's the gear you may be considering.

• Stroller - This is a need. The type of the stroller is up to you, but you will want a stroller at some point! You may choose to get one that is part of a travel system (stroller and car seat combined) or just an umbrella stroller to get you by. Something that falls firmly in the want category is a jogging stroller - it's one of those things you absolutely do not need and may not even want unless you're an avid runner. • Car seat - This is another need. Also, this is the place to spend a little bit. It's your baby's safety! Again, you can choose what type of car seat you want, but I'd like to recommend a travel system. The convenience factor is awesome. I love that my car seat doubles as a carrier, so I don't have to wake a sleeping baby to get her out of the car. It's also nice to be able to buy additional bases for relatives' cars, instead of additional car seats. It makes it all so easy! • Car accessories - These are all wants, but a lot of these come in handy big time. You may want to get a protector that goes under the car seat base to protect your car's seat, especially if you have leather that can tear. You may also want a sun shade (to keep stationary car seats cool), mirror (to spy on your little one from the front seat), and a "piddle pad" that goes in the bottom of your baby's car seat to catch any diaper leaks without having to wash the whole carrier cover. • Soft carrier - This is a want, bordering on a need. It's great to get baby up and not laying back on his/her head all the time. It's also super convenient when you're grocery shopping or doing chores and want to keep your little one close. but be basically hands free. You have a choice between carriers like the Baby Bjorn, wrap, or a ring sling. We opted to have a Baby Bjorn and sling, but I plan to primarily use our sling. • Cart cover - This is a need, in my opinion. I mean, it's probably really a want, but I'm making a judgment call. NEED. Public shopping carts and high chairs are gross. I don't care how many sanitizing wipes are provided. They aren't a terrible expense and act as a germ (and sharp edges) barrier. Sold. • Diaper bag - This is a need, although you can choose your level of diaper bag sophistication. You ultimately need a bag that can fit a couple changes of clothes, diapers, wipes, a changing pad (you'll want to register for that too - unless it comes with your diaper bag), and bottles. Don't just look at places like Babies R Us. Look at department stores, Amazon, eBay..look right here Lollipop Moon has a amazing diaper bag collection for that stylish moms. Hygiene & Health You'll want to keep your little one clean and fresh, right?

• Bath tub - This is a need. You want a place to safely clean baby (and take adorable pictures to use for blackmail 18 years later)! Shoot for one that will work in your sink and in your bathtub when baby gets bigger! • Towels & washcloths - This is another want. Technically, you can use your own (soft!) towels and washcloths for baby. However, that also means you won't be able to take pictures of your little one in an adorable monster hooded towel! If you do choose to register for baby towels and washcloths, plan on 2-4 towels and 8 washcloths. • Other bath accessories - You'll need baby soap and shampoo, using your own preference of brand. Don't use baby lotion though - it's not necessary. Some wants you may consider are: a bath kneeler (to save mom or dad's knees while bent over the tub), faucet cover (added safety), a bath alarm (to let you know if water is too hot), and water toys (not necessary until later though!). • Baby hygiene kit - This is a need, for sure. You can buy these kits or the items individually, but what you'll need is this: baby nail clippers/scissors, bulb syringe or nasal aspirator, medicine dropper, and soft hairbrush or comb. • Thermometer - This is another need. You can choose what type of thermometer will work best, although I'm a fan of the pacifier thermometers. Aren't people clever? • Medicines - This is another need, although hopefully you'll never use them! You will want to have these on hand: baby Tylenol, saline nasal drops, and gas drops. • For the adults around baby - Lots of hand sanitizer, antibacterial soap, and tissues! Other Baby Gear Here's the catch-all of baby gear.

• Swing - This may depend on your little one, but if he/she likes it, it's a need. My foster son practically lived in his swing. It was a great tool for me when I needed to cook dinner or take a shower! • Vibrating chair/bouncer - This also depends on your little one. You can easily do with either a swing OR this. • Walker/exersaucer - This is a need, eventually. Your little one won't be ready for it for a few months, but it'll be great down the road! You'll be grateful for the "babysitter" when the bouncy seat is too small! I'd place this toward the bottom of the "need" list. • Bumbo - This is just a want. Some people swear by them, some hardly ever use them, and still others swear them off for safety concerns. You be the judge. It can be handy to replace a high chair with, but it should definitely not be top of the list! • Tummy mat - This is a need, although it could be replaced by a blanket in a real pinch. Tummy time mats come in all different shapes and sizes, so find one that fits your style. Just remember - tummy time is very important for your babe! • Play yard (Pack 'N Play) - This is a need, in most cases. It can double as a bassinet or changing table. It can do a lot of things. You can choose the level of play yard that meets your needs - they start basic and go up from there with all kinds of features. We opted for one that has a changing table and vibrating component (babies do love to vibrate!). • Clothing - This is a need, but really think about what you're registering for. Register for things you'll get a lot of use out of. Consider how often you plan to do laundry, remembering that you'll probably go through 2 changes of clothing each day, plus jammies (see: bibs and how babies are gross). • Onesies - Baby Creepers - You'll want at least 6-8 in each size. I recommend shopping at Lollipop Moon for funny and stylish onesies ! Dont worry send your list to our family members so they know what to bring you when they come visit the custest baby on the planet. • Baby Gowns - In the beginning, you'll want to stick to baby gowns since changing will be easy, things that are easy on and off. As baby grows You'll want 4-5 baby gowns and some leggings to start you off. • One-piece pajamas - The quantity and type depends on the season and climate that your little one is born into. Regardless, your little one will need some - remember, babies can't sleep with blankets, so their pajamas serve as their blankets. Plan on having 6-8 in cotton for a spring/summer baby or fleece and terry for a fall/winter baby. Also, remember that these little outfits can be worn for more than just pajamas! • Seasonal attire - If you're having a summer baby, you may need a swimsuit or two and a sun hat. If you're having a winter baby, you may need a snowsuit, heavy jacket, and knitted cap. Talk to other moms from your area about what they found useful. (Remember your registry reviewer?) • Dress-up outfits - Your baby is the cutest baby that's ever been born into the world ever. You want to have cute outfits that prove that this is an undeniable truth, right? Pick a handful of cute outfits for dinners with the grandparents, trips to church, or photo ops. Also, remember, these are the kind of things that people will LOVE to buy and probably buy without any provocation. • Socks, booties, and shoes - Your baby will lose socks with a speed that will blow your mind. Keep at least 8-10 pairs of socks/booties on hand and expect to buy more. Shoes are totally unnecessary and totally the most adorable thing ever, so that's all a personal preference. No need to ask me how many pairs of baby ballet flats I have ready and waiting for Sofia. Keep moving. • Mittens - No, This is a must have the first few months- I cannot express this enough and there not for snow. No-scratch mittens will keep baby from clawing his or her own skin off before getting control over those motor skills. Some babies have a big problem with this, some don't. Have a couple of pairs on hand, just in case. You may not use them, or you may end up with a drawer full. Many long sleeved newborn outfits will have cuffs that fold down to create no-scratch mittens too! • Hangers - Many stores are stingy with their hangers (unless they're cheap hangers), so it's easier to buy your own hangers and have some consistency in your little one's closet. You may also want to buy closet dividers to better organize too! • Swaddles - This is a need again. Now, some babies could care less about being swaddled, some love it. There's many different styles of swaddles, so do a little research and pick what works for you - a wrap blanket, a Velcro swaddle, a pajama-style swaddle, etc. • Blankets - This is another need! You'll want 5 or more little receiving blankets, along with 2-3 thick blankets. Make sure that you're focused on softness, as much or more than cuteness.

July 3, 2014 -

Baby Shoes that Are Too Cute to Pass Up

You already know how irresistible trendy baby clothes are, especially the stylish designs from Lollipop Moon’s top baby boutique. But every perfect newborn baby clothes outfit needs the perfect pair of shoes to go with it. Even if your little one does not walk yet, baby shoes are so much fun to shop for. Here are out top three favorite baby shoe styles:

Baby Ballerina Shoes

So dainty and delicate, baby ballerina shoes are a sweet and fashionable choice that will match any darling baby clothes. We love the Kamara Designs Silver Ballet Slippers, as well as the Kamara Designs Gold Glimmer Bouquet Ballet Slippers, which features a gorgeous decal on the front of the shoe. Both shoe styles come up with satin ankle lace up for an authentic ballerina look.


Fur boots can be extremely useful in the colder months. They are also very fashionable, especially when paired with baby leggings. The Chocolate Suede Booties are so soft and warm! Another fun pair is the Animal Fur Lined Booties that have a cute tiger print inside. Both booties can be folded down to reveal the soft faux fur inside.

Stylish Sneakers for Baby

Most of all, we love the sparkling Converse sneakers for babies. A hip kids clothes designer took the classic Converse and turned them into glam baby shoes. These Converse sneakers will be perfect to wear with dresses, jeans, and tutu dresses. So fab and girly! These Converse come in three styles. The Swarovski Princess Converse Sneakers features gems in the shape of a princess crown on the front of the shoe and princess shoe laces. The Swarovski Heart Converse Sneakers has a black heart on pink gems on the front of the shoe and a black and white striped shoe lace. Finally, the Swarovski Peace Out Converse Sneakers has a darling gem peace sign and fun flower shoe laces. All three styles are a lot of fun and range from size 2 in infants to size 3 for older kids.

We say you can never have enough shoes, especially when there are so many adorable baby shoes to choose from. Shop Lollipop Moon for all of the best baby shoe selections. We have a fun pair to match every trendy baby clothes outfit in your little one’s wardrobe!

6/10/2014 -

Kids Designer Spotlight: Trish Scully's Summer Line

Lollipop Moon only carries designer kids clothes that are of high quality and even higher fashion. That is why every season we are excited to see what Trish Scully creates. From gorgeous dresses to fun play clothes, Trish Scully's summer line has it all.

Daisy Coral Pieces

The soft coral color for trendy girl clothes is irresistible! Trish Scully designed a few pieces with this gorgeous hue and paired them with a daisy embroidery that has a lace-like feel. The overall look is one that is girly and sophisticated.

It doesn't get any classier than the Trish Scully Child Daisy Coral Embroidered Short or the Trish Scully Child Daisy Coral Embroidered Sweater.

Daisy Print Pieces

Another fun play on daisies is seen in Trish Scully's daisy print pieces. These gorgeous pieces are bright and colorful. We love the cuts and designs of these pieces. Just look at the Trish Scully Child Daisy Caftan Dress. It looks flowy with a wider top and belted waist. A fun dress to wear alone or with white leggings. The bright aqua print is even more gorgeous on the Trish Scully Child Daisy Hi/Lo Skirt.

Pink Moroccan

Another favorite amongst the summer trends is the Pink Moroccan line. It is such a fun print with the sweet pink background and white geometrical pattern. You will love the Trish Scully Pink Moroccan Romper, since it uses this fun print with a stylish romper trend. Little girls will look darling in this romper. The Trish Scully Child Pink Moroccan Wrap Dress is also a flattering choice for all little girls.

Gorgeous Honeycomb Styles

Trish Scully brings another gorgeous hue to the season - honeycomb. These pieces have a gorgeous combination of a soft aqua and pink. The result is stunning. One of Trish Scully's most popular dresses is the princess cut, so it is fun to see the honeycomb coloring on the princess cut. The Trish Scully Child Honeycomb Princess Dress is one dress that can be worn for all occasions, with its sweet cut and darling style. The Trish Scully Child Capri Pants also feature this design and are a perfect choice for playtime or trips to the beach.

Summer is a whole lot more fashionable with Trish Scully's gorgeous designer kids clothes. It is hard to pick from them all! The best thing about Trish Scully's summer line is that it comes in a large range of sizes, with most pieces available in sizes 2T to 8Y. You can also mix and match several pieces for fun and new looks.

Lollipop Moon has all of the cool kids clothes that your little ones need this summer. There is no other designer that looks just as amazing on toddlers as it does on eight year olds like Trish Scully does.

June 6, 2014 -

Picking the Perfect Diaper Bag as as Baby Shower Gift

Diaper bags are a very important accessory for new and seasoned moms alike. They are a lifesaver when trying to juggle a newborn, but they are also extremely handy when going out and about with toddlers and older kids. Diaper bags keep moms organized and prepared. However, with so many different diaper bag styles out there, it can be hard to choose the right diaper bag style, especially if you are giving one as a baby shower gift.

Try Messenger Style Diaper Bags

A very popular style in diaper bags is the messenger bag. These are easy to sling over your shoulder or over convert into a stroller bag. They are also quite roomy without looking too bulky. We love the OiOi Mod Floral Messenger Diaper Bag for its unique floral design. It comes with several compartments, has water resistant lining, and comes with an insulated bottle holder and plush changing pad. Another top pick is the OiOi Bionic Dot Messenger Diaper Bag . It comes in a chic dot design and comes with organizational compartment, insulated bottle holder, and changing pad.

Find a Diaper Bag that Doubles as a Purse

If you are going to invest in a posh diaper bag, then why not find a stylish bag that can double as a purse. Timi & Leslie has a wide variety of designer diaper bags that are loved by all moms, even celebrity moms. The Timi & Leslie Hannah Diaper Bag is a gorgeous choice that can be used long after your baby is grown. The chic design also has all of mama's necessities, such as a bottle insulator, changing pad, and convertible stroller straps. It comes in four gorgeous colors too, rouge, blue, pewter, and bronze.

What to Pack in Your Diaper Bag

If you are a new mom, here are some must-haves for your diaper bag:
  • An extra pair of trendy baby clothes. Babies and toddlers are always getting messy, especially in times of diaper explosion and potty training. Pack an extra pair of hip kids clothes in your bag so that you are ready, no matter what the occasion is.
  • Several diapers and wipes. Why not look at our celebrity diaper and wipe travel cases for a chic choice.
  • Snacks and water. Always be prepared with snacks for you and your baby/toddler, as well as water.
Picking the perfect diaper bag doesn't have to be an impossible feat. Shop Lollipop Moon's wide range of top baby boutique diaper bags to find the perfect style for you. Diaper bags make the perfect baby shower gift and will help new moms.


May 29, 2014

Happy Birthday Baby Wear- Trendy Baby Clothes

First birthdays are such a special time (of course, all of your little one’s birthdays are a special celebration), but there is just something about celebrating your sweet baby’s first year of life! Even though your little princess or prince will not remember their first birthday, this does not mean you should do nothing!

Instead, Lollipop Moon has a better idea. Make your little one’s first birthday full of memories that you will remember. This doesn’t mean you have to have a big party, but buying special outfits for priceless photos will be worth it many years to come. Lollipop Moon’s top baby boutique has many amazing birthday tutus and outfits to choose from to make your little one’s day a truly special one.

Birthday Tutus

Little girls can party in style with Lollipop Moon’s large variety of birthday tutus. Moms love these sweet, trendy baby clothes because they look fabulous and make their little one really stand out. Here are just a few of our favorite birthday tutu sets:

  • Happy Birthday Tutu Set: This delicious birthday tutu is such a fun choice. It says “Happy Birthday” in a pretty scroll font and has a fluffy tutu in deep chocolate, light pink, and dark pink.
  • 1st. Birthday Zebra Tutu Set: So sweet and sassy! This Birthday Zebra Tutu Set is a fun choice, and it has an adjustable waistband so your little one can wear it all year long. Since your baby girl will be one a whole year, don’t be afraid to let her rock this tutu for many more occasions before she turns two. This tutu is sized to fit 12M-2T, so there is plenty of room, no matter what size your baby is when they turn the big one.
  • Candy Pink Birthday Tutu Set: Your little one is sweeter than candy, which makes this tutu set such a great choice. You can get this tutu is a wide variety of sizes and it can be customized with a rhinestone “1” or just left blank. Your baby girl will surely look like a princess in this trendy baby clothes choice.
  • Mud Pie Black and Pink Ostrich Party Headband: And because it is your little princess’ special day, you want to go all out with the fashion. This Mud Pie hair accessory will look darling with any of the tutu sets. This fun headband for girls will add that extra party look. And if your little one is lacking in the hair department, this headband will help too!
  • Dressing your little one up for their first birthday is a lot of fun and full of memories. Be sure to take a lot of pictures because this day will go by fast and before you know it, you will be looking for trendy birthday clothes for your little one’s second birthday!

    May 27, 2014

    Birthday Banners for Trendy Parties

    Did you know that Lollipop Moon’s top baby boutique sells more than just trendy kids clothes and newborn baby clothes? It’s true! There are even a wide variety of birthday banners for both boys and girls.

    We get it- you are a busy mom that wants to throw your little prince or princess the best party possible. Let Lollipop Moon help. With just a little time shopping online, you can get your child’s special birthday outfits, as well as some cool party decorations.

    Lollipop Moon carries designer Oopsy Daisy artwork and banners that can be customized for your occasion and birthday child. You will love the wide variety of designs that will go with any birthday party theme.

    Need a banner fit for a boy party?

    There are a lot to choose from! Here are just a few of our favorite boy birthday banners that will make your party a hit:

  • Oopsy Daisy Animal Choo Choo: If your little guy is a fanatic about trains, then he will love this special choo choo banner. You can even use his favorite train cars as decoration pieces around the food table for an easy set up.
  • Oopsy Daisy Pirate: If your little guy would rather travel the high seas in search for treasure, then this pirate banner would make a great addition to the party.
  • Oopsy Daisy Play – Boy Icons: Haven’t decided on a theme yet? This banner will go with any theme you choose. Even if you choose not to have a theme, it is a great banner that represents everything little boys love.
  • Birthday banners for girls

  • Oopsy Daisy Flowers: A good banner for any little girl is this flower banner because it is cute and girly, but it can be used with any theme you like.
  • Oopsy Daisy Fairy Tale: Unleash the princess in your little one with this sweet and whimsical banner. What a great addition of color to any party!
  • Oopsy Daisy Girl’s Beach:Having a swim party? Then this banner is a great touch!

  • Birthday banners are a quick way to add décor and pizzazz to any party. Your child will love their very own customized banner. The best part is that you can use it for several years if you wish! Each banner measures 54x12 inches. Hang it over the food area or over the entrance for it to pop. All you need is yummy food and a lot of balloons and you have exactly the party your little one wants.

    Remember Lollipop Moon is a top baby boutique that carries a huge variety of your needs, especially when it comes to birthdays. Why not shop for trendy kids clothes and all your other fun needs today!

    May 13, 2014

    Unique Baby Gifts That Are Too Cute for Words

    Newborn baby clothes are so much fun to give when it comes to baby shower gifts. Itty bitty clothes are irresistibly cute! Don't just give trendy baby clothes at the next shower. Instead, give hip baby clothes in a unique way as a gift set.

    Adorable Stuffed Animals Make the Perfect Baby Shower Gift

    Every baby needs a special stuffed animal. Some call it a stuffie, others call is a snuggy, but whatever you call it, babies love it. Why not give a sweet baby their very first stuffed animal with the adorable and unique baby shower gift sets from Lollipop Moon. Here are four of our favorite picks:
      • Daisy Lou and Bloomer Too Gift Set: Mooo! This cow gift set for babies is way too cute for words. This baby shower gift set comes with an adorable stuffed cow and baby bloomers. The stuffed cow looks extra fancy with its tutu bloomers. However, the bloomers will fit little princesses too for a sweet look.The bloomers will fit babies 0-6 months and match many trendy baby clothes outfits.
      • "Fancy Pants" Plush Flamingo & Bloomer for Baby: Little girls need a pretty pink flamingo stuffie in their stuffed animal collection. This adorable gift set will make any new mom swoon. Not only does this baby gift set come with a fun stuffed flamingo but the most adorable pair of baby bloomers! These baby bloomers are sweet and pink and will fit newborn babies. What a sweet trendy baby clothes outfit for newborn baby pictures.
      • "Monsieur leSqueak and Blankie Fantastique" Plush Mouse and Blanket Gift Set: Give the cutest baby gift around with this unique French mouse. Not only is this little mouse a cutie, but he also holds a super soft baby blanket that looks like cheese when it is all folded up. The 30" x 30" blanket is perfect for keeping your new bundle of joy warm and cozy. This baby shower gift will grow with baby! Toddlers will love to snuggle and play with this cute mouse and cozy blanket even after they start to walk.
      • Clover the Closet Monster" Knit Baby Socks and Plush Monster Gift Set: Not all monsters are scary and ugly. This little monster is sweet and unique. This adorable monster baby gift holds four pairs of girl socks. What a clever idea! You can be sure this gift will be talked about at any baby shower you take it to.
    Lollipop Moon is the top baby boutique that is full of unique and adorable baby shower gifts. You can find everything from newborn baby clothes to these adorable stuffed animal baby gift sets.

    April 29, 2014

    Trendy Kids Clothes and Newborn Baby Clothes: Coral Cuteness

    Each spring trendy kids clothes designers roll out a new fashionable line in a new fashionable color. This season's color is coral, and this bright color looks fantastic on every little girl. Start shopping for spring and summer's fashion. These coral pieces will look great on your little princess and also be perfect for giving as a unique baby shower gift.

    Trish Scully Child Daisy Coral Birdcage Flutter Sleeve Blouse

    You will love the Trish Scully Child Daisy Coral Birdcage Flutter Sleeve Blouse! This trendy top will look amazing with a number of adorable clothes. It comes in sizes 2T to 8. Pair it with jeans, shorts, or a flowy skirt. This top will brighten any outfit. The flutter sleeves make this outfit extra girly, while the birdcage design is unique and sweet.

    Trish Scully Child Daisy Coral Embroidered Short

    Don't bother with boring shorts this spring and summer. Instead, get adorable embroidered coral shorts like the Trish Scully Child Daisy Coral Embroidered Shorts. Pair these fun shorts with a white top for a spring ready look. We especially love seeing these bright shorts with glitter flip flops or sparkling accessories.

    Trish Scully Child Daisy Coral Floral Embellished Trapeze Tank & Legging Set

    Get a complete spring look from head to toe with the Trish Scully Child Daisy Coral Floral Embellished Trapeze Tank & Legging Set for girls. You can get this darling set in baby sizes and older girl sizes alike. This set comes in size 6M to 8Y. The tank top looks extra cute with the floral details. What a fun set for playing no matter how old your little princess is.

    Trish Scully Child Daisy Coral Hand Crochet Cardigan

    Even though the sun is shining, it can still get a little breezy. The Daisy Coral Hand Crochet Cardigan from Trish Scully Child is the perfect addition to any outfit. This cardigan is light enough to wear with shorts, yet it keeps little ones warm enough when there is a breeze.

    Coral is the color of the season. For spring and summertime, this bright color looks great paired with white and bright blue. This coral color can even be great for fall. For fall time, just pair these coral pieces with warmer pieces, such as a brown blazer or thick leggings.

    Shop Lollipop Moon for all the newest trendy kids clothes fashions for the season. Get the best baby boutiques outfits and baby shower gifts for all of your baby and kid needs.

    April 22, 2014

    Trendy Bathing Suits for Girls

    What little one doesn't love splashing around in water? Whether this is your little cutie's first summer, second, or third, Lollipop Moon's online baby boutique has the most adorable baby swimsuits around. You will love how your baby girl or toddler girl look in these darling swimsuits, and they will love feeling the sand in their toes! Don't forget to take a lot of photos!

    Fun Bikini for Older Girls

    Lollipop Moon has so many adorable bathing suit styles for babies and young toddlers, we thought it was time for your older girls to share in the summer fun. Your girls will love splishing and splashing the day away in our unique and fashionable swimsuits. They will be the coolest girls at the beach or pool in these suits.The Isobella & Chloe Caribbean Current Bikini is an adorable choice for summer vacation with its cool color scheme and pretty flower detail. The triangle top is flattering on little girls, while still looking modest. You can get this fun two-piece in sizes 4T, 5Y, and 6Y.

    A Safari Suit for the Cute and Wild

    Your little one already has a mind of her own, so why not get a fun swimsuit to match her fun personality? The Isobella & Chloe Surfin Safari Swimsuit is a gorgeous pick this summer. This suit is decked out in super cool giraffe print, and accessorized with a fuchsia flower and bows. You can find this suit in sizes 3T to size 6Y.

    Unique Swimsuits for Girls

    Another look we love for summer is the Isobella & Chloe Sun Kissed Coral Lace 1 pc Swim Suit. This gorgeous suit is fun to wear and comes in toddlers sizes 2T-4T. You will love the flower detail on top, as well as the pretty ruffled skirt on the bottom.

    Now that you know of the perfect bathing suit to buy your girls this summer, don't forget to add on the adorable summer accessories! All of these trendy baby clothes swimsuits would look amazing with a sunhat, sun glasses, and sparkly flip flops. Lollipop Moon has all of those fun summer accessories to complete your outfit. Most importantly of all, don't forget the sunscreen and to have fun!

    Lollipop Moon is an online baby boutique that is full of hip kids clothes and fun baby shower gifts. Give one of these darling swimsuits as a birthday present this year and see that little girl light up.

    April 2, 2014

    I was just at a baby shower for a mom expecting a baby girl. She received a lot of adorable outfits. One of my friends who just had a boy, sighed and said, “All the cute clothes are for girls”. It can definitely feel like there are not enough cute boy outfits when it comes to newborn baby clothes. Just walk into any store and on one side there are adorable outfits with ruffles, lace, and bows. Then on the other side, the baby boy side, it is all footballs and basketballs. Where is the creativity when it comes to baby boy newborn clothes and shower gifts? Thankfully Lollipop Moon is here to save baby boys from the stereotypical boy clothing and looks.

    Give baby boys their own unique style with adorable and fashionable pieces that are irresistible. Whether you want to dress your baby boy in adorable clothing or want to give the best and most unique baby shower gift, here are our top three picks from Lollipop Moon’s top baby boutique.

    Ruffle Butts Tuxedo Romper

    How adorable is this outfit? Recently Ruffle Butts extended their fun baby girl fashion line to include baby boys. We are not disappointed either! This baby romper is a sweet piece that is picture ready. Not only is it cute, but it is comfortable too. Your little guy can play as hard as he likes, while still looking dashing! This trendy baby boys clothes outfit comes in sizes 0-3M to 2T.

    Rock Guitar Baby Gift Set

    Another newborn baby clothes outfit we love is this Rock Guitar baby set. We love it because it is soft and comfortable, and it also comes in a cool grey color. Sometimes baby boys need a break from too many pastel boy colors, right?!

    Baby Camo Two-Piece Layette Set in "Backpack" Gift Box

    Sometimes the best baby shower gifts are all about presentation. With this darling camo baby gift, you will win the prize for cutest baby gift ever. This sweet newborn baby set comes with an adorable onesie, soft baby boots that look like army boots, and a cozy baby cap. This set will fit baby boys from 0-6 months old. What a precious outfit for priceless photos. This makes the perfect baby gift, especially for military moms or dads.

    Now you know that you don’t have to settle for the boring baby clothes that are in all of your local stores. With Lollipop Moon, your baby boy can look just as fashionable as all the baby girls out there. Look for more of our darling baby boy styles to fill his little closet with!

    March 18, 2014

    Picking the Perfect Baby Gifts This Spring: Your Guide to Online Shopping

    We have all been to at least one baby shower or have experienced our own baby shower for ourselves. Some of the baby gifts that are given are completely over the top and impractical! While other baby gifts are outdated and plain boring! No one wants to be that gift giver! Thankfully, we have some helpful tips for you so that you can WOW the new mommy with adorable boutique fashions!

    What Size Should You Buy?

    If you are giving baby gifts to a new mommy, the best sizes to get are sizes above 6 months. This can be hard since you want to see their sweet baby in your clothes as soon as possible. The truth is that the mommy will most likely get so many newborn baby clothes that her baby will be outgrown of that size before he or she gets a chance to wear the adorable outfit you bought. If you plan on giving several outfits for baby shower gifts, then you can do a selection of sizes. You can do one outfit in newborn baby clothes sizes and the rest in larger sizes. This ensures that the little cutie has plenty of adorable fashion choices as they grow.

    What Types of Outfit Should You Buy

    Many baby shower gifts are either very practical or extremely impractical. A newborn frilly bathing suit may look adorable, but there is a slim chance that the little babe will get a chance to wear it. However, mommy and baby will most likely get so many practical clothes from the shower, which will leave room for you to get the designer baby clothes mom really wants. All parents love to take precious photos and get photos done with their baby. However, many times, new parents do not have that adorable outfit for the photo. It is fun to give trendy baby clothes that are picture-ready. This will save the new mom stress as she prepares her little cutie for once in a lifetime pictures.

    What Other Baby Gifts Should You Give Besides Clothes?

    It’s true; most moms will receive a lot of newborn baby clothes during their shower. That’s okay! You can still give adorable and necessary baby gifts too. Lollipop Moon has a lot of fun baby gifts to give, from high-end designer diaper bags to baby boutique car seat covers and stroller blankets. Everything from Lollipop Moon is gorgeous and high quality, so you can be sure your baby gift will get the attention it deserves.

    So whether you have one baby shower this year, or five, Lollipop Moon has everything you need. You will save so much time through shopping our online baby boutique. Just click and order and you are done! We send the cuteness to you. No need to drive to the store and stand in line!

    February 15, 2014

    New Spring Kids Clothes

    Lots of exciting new spring children's clothes are starting to make their way to Lollipop Moon. We are super excited to have all new fresh designer kids clothes come into our warehouse. This winter has been extremely tuff since so much snow has come across the north east part of the United States. We are so ready to have the sunshine shine bright on us. We are also excited about the new collections by Trish Scully Child and Isobella and Chloe, Haute Baby, Ruffle Butts & La Petite Couture and many more to follow. This spring season collection is filled with bright and cheerful colors. We have everything from dressy to the playground. When shopping for new children's clothing its best to be sure to go up a size since children tend to grow so quickly. I also recommend when shopping to purchase items that are comfortable and can be worn for many different occasions. Ruffle Butts spring collection is simple sweeter than ever. My personal favorite is Ruffle Butts CC Fedora Hat that can be found right here. This super stylish spring summer baby hat screams out cuteness overload. If you have not had a chance to view it take a peek and fall in love. Perfect for any baby girls new spring summer wardrobe. Another top designer kids brand we love dearly is Trish Scully Child. Trish Scully Child collection is exploding with beautiful spring summer colors pallets. Aqua blue with pink or peach and many other fabulous fun summer colors to choose from. Isobella and Chloe have adorable fashion kids clothes also this season . Our favorite and many of our clients favorite is Isobella & Chloe "Cute As A Button Pant Set". I fell in love with this adorable set since the first time I was able to view their collection at the ENK Children's Show. With so many styles and so many amazing designs it is so complicated to pick and choose what trendy kids clothes you will want to buy. I try to control myself when attending these shows to purchase new collections because I want to take them all and bring them to Lollipop Moon. Now moving forward with the best kids clothes on the planet Haute Baby this season is on fire. I truly had a hard time deciding which designs to choose from since there collection made me feel like a kid in a candy store and I wanted to buy everything I came across. This spring collection by Haute Baby is to die for. Check out many adorable pieces from here collection such as Haute Baby "Flitter Flutter" Blue & Yellow Mixed Print Tunic Set, Aqua and Yellow tunic and pant set what a great combination with colors. Super cute and totally fun and fashionable all at the same time. This tunic and pants set is a plus in any baby or kids wardrobe. Next trendy kids clothes by Haute baby would be Isobella & Chloe Sweet Caroline this fabulous two pieces pant set design with tye die touch to it brings out the fashionista side to it . Super cute and totally fun to wear. Its coral color and white mixture into a tye die design makes this little cutie a must have this spring. Our list of top baby clothes and fashion kids clothes can go on and on. Kids fashion is endless and so much fun. Nothing makes me smile to see a fashionable child wearing adorable clothing and looking great all in one. Shop Lollipop Moon for many fashionable kids clothing or even super cute baby gifts . We are always adding new collections and always having a sale. We look forward to having you shop with us for the best trendy kids clothes on the planet.

    January 25,2014 New Spring Clothes For Kids Spring is coming which can only mean one thing, bright colors are coming back to make your little shinning star shine even brighter! Lollipop Moon has combined so many wonderful designer's who have again, delighted our senses with their new 2014 spring collections! Below are just a few of the eye catching and awe inspiring 2014 outfits that your daughter will love to play in.

    Isobella & Chloe Bon Voyage Pant Set

    Pantone has named Radiant Orchid the color of 2014, making Isobella & Chloe Bon Voyage Pant Set, made with various purples, the perfect adorable trendy outfit. Sheer purple flowers and ruffles on the waist line and pant bottoms, make this a truly magical set that every little girl should have!

    Sunshine Shift

    Sunshine Shift, by La petite Couture, is an absolutely adorable, yet totally nautical-chic, strappy dress that comes in the bold colors of yellow and blue. The detailed accented white trim down the front and back of the dress along with the added buttons are enough to make anybody have a "Sunshine Shift" kind of day!

    Trish Scully Child Daisy Wrap Dress

    Wrap dresses are always in style, but the Trish Scully Child Daisy Wrap Dress is truly an exception to that statement, as this wrap dress is a must have staple for any girl's closet! Beautiful floral design's in colors of orange, yellow, and aqua along with the rope belt make this wrap dress perfect for all of the upcoming outdoor spring events.

    Haute Baby "Honey Child" Floral Swing Set

    The Haute Baby "Honey Child" Floral Swing Set, is a perfect mix of flowers, polka dots, and ruffles making it absolutely country-adorable-chic. The strappy top and ruffled bottoms will make this your "go-to" outfit whether you are going to a Farmer's Market, setting up a front yard Lemonade stand, or just going to the local park! You can easily bring the charm factor of this outfit up a notch by adding the Haute Baby Honey Child Headband with Detachable Flowerette!

    Haute Baby "Flitter Flutter" Blue & Yellow Mixed Print Tunic Set

    The Haute Baby "Flitter Flutter" Blue & Yellow Mixed Print Tunic Set, is absolutely beautiful with aqua and white zigzags, yellow ruffles and trim, and a mix of yellow, blue, and green butterflies fluttering all around! The sleeveless top and yellow attached flower have an eye catching display of pure happiness along with the pants which just make you want to dance with your daughter like no one is watching! Add the Haute Baby "Flitter Flutter" Headband with Detachable Yellow Flower for an even more excitingly sweet outfit!

    January 6, 2014

    Best First Birthday And Party Dresses For Girls First Birthday Dress

    Few birthday celebrations are more exciting for parents than their child’s first birthday! This day signifies major accomplishment. It attests to the fact that you have nurtured and loved your sweet little one through the monumental milestones of her first year of existence, and are here to relish in the joy that she bring you! And of course, for a day that special, every birthday girl requires a unique baby dress like none other!

    Unique Baby Dresses

    At Lollipop Moon, you will find that trendy baby clothes are our passion, and unique birthday dresses are no exception! As previously stated, there is something simply magical about a child’s first birthday, so why not magnify this magic by showering your little beauties in the best of birthday attire?! As a girls online boutique, we are committed to providing you with only the best in trendy girls fashion and boutique attire. In fact, at our website you will find and entire “Birthday Boutique” devoted to helping you find the perfect outfit for your little one’s special day! Here you will find a variety of girls party dresses and birthday couture that is sure to leave you in a state of birthday bliss!

    Girls party Dress

    Because birthdays are such monumental occasions for children, something about that special party outfit is truly the icing on the cake for a little girl! Not only will she feel like a princess from all of the special attention, but she will most certainly look the part in one of these unique ensembles from our “Birthday Boutique.” Your birthday girl will shine in our “Black and Pink Birthday Set”. This two piece set comes with a black romper adorned by a bejeweled #1, which is also accented by a sparkling crown, reminding your guests just how regal the birthday girl is on her big day! This fun set also includes a fabulously full and fluffy tutu in hot pink to complete this exciting birthday look.

    Birthday Couture

    For those moms looking for over the top birthday adornment, the “Oh Soo Sweet Birthday Pettiskirt Set” is a prime example of our love for birthday couture. With layers of chiffon ruffles in various pinks and chocolate brown, this luscious pettiskirt will have your party guests in awe of the birthday princess. The skirt is accented with a pink polka dotted sash at the waist and is accompanied by an adorable tank top with tulle rosettes, perfectly complimenting the various shades of the skirt’s ruffles. Also, this over the top birthday set comes in a wide range of sizes making it ideal not only for the first birthday, but also for your older girls’ birthdays as well! And if your girls happen to share a birthday month, this set would be ideal for a joint party’s matching birthday attire!

    The Finishing Touch

    Finally, with all of the excitement over the birthday girl’s special dress, don’t forget to put the finishing touch on her special look with some fabulous birthday accessories! Our Mud Pie Felt Cake Headband for instance, literally is the icing on the cake as it will have your little one wearing a multi-layer felt cake with one giant candle atop her head! We also have a variety of special party hats and over the top bows that will leave no room for doubt that your darling birthday girl truly is a princess not only on her special day, but every day! The thought and detail that you put into assembling her birthday outfit, serves as a special reminder of just how much she means to you!

    December 2, 2013

    7 Best Holiday Oufits For Girls With the holiday's coming you know that family gatherings are also coming which can only mean one thing, tons of sneaky unexpected photo opportunities! This year be prepared for every single sneaky photo taken by friends and family by visiting Lollipop Moon! Not only does Lollipop Moon carry trendy baby clothes and unique baby gifts, but also that perfect holiday legging set or that perfect little holiday dress for girls. Let your daughter steal the show and sparkle the night away in her designer girl clothes or her first Christmas dress!

    Mud Pie X Mas Tree Tunic & Legging Set

    The Mud Pie X Mas Tree Tunic & Legging Set is an adorable yet, chic, legging set that comes with little ruffled black and white polka dot leggings, a white top with black pom pom trim around the flowing neck line, and the most darling ruffled green Christmas tree topped with a red polka dotted bow in the center of the top.

    Mud Pie Reindeer Tunic & Legging Set

    The Mud Pie Reindeer Tunic & Legging Set is perfect for her bright personality with variations of pink and green polka dots on the ruffled leggings, a white top with pink pom pom trim around the flowing neck line and arm cuffs, and of course the extra fun reindeer with leg warmers in the center of the top!

    Mud Pie Damask Minky Pant Set

    The Mud Pie Damask Minky Pant Set is an absolute must have with the simply scrumptious damask print red, white, and black ruffled leggings and the white top that has black bows going around the waist line over top of the matching legging damask print, the black trim around the collar, cuffs, and ruffle bottoms is an added bonus making this outfit easily become a designer pick!

    Sweet Heart Rose Bordo Rosette Holiday Dress

    The Sweet Heart Rose Bordo Rosette Holiday Dress is just gorgeous for a first Christmas dress with tiny yet soft little rosettes all over, matching tulle tutu, and beautifully placed hip ribbon. Your little angel can wear this as is or with little tights, making her first holiday surprise photo definitely not the last!

    Trish Scully Child Tartan Holiday Western Dress

    The Trish Scully Child Tartan Holiday Western Dress is just what the doctor ordered for those with a southern flare! This show stopping plaid dress is just darling with red trim to accent the pockets and tiered skirt. Finishing off this look is so easy as all you need to do is pair it with her favorite pair of boots or get her a new pair to match!

    Ruffle Butts Red Sparkle Button Front Cardigan and Matching Skirt

    The Ruffle Butts Red Sparkle Button Front Cardigan and it's matching red and black tutu skirt are perfect for long trips as this cardigan can go over many different outfits to keep her warm! Not only is it versatile but it also compliments her shining personality with the whole front of the cardigan being covered with sparkles! The skirt matches the cardigan beautifully, with a red under layer and black tulle over layer, or can also be pared with different tops so that she can keep wearing her favorite articles of clothing without looking the same through out the holiday!

    Haute Baby Tis The Season Holiday Dress

    The Haute Baby Tis The Season Holiday Dress is a stunning red dress with festive red roses around the waist line! This holiday dress for girls is one that will make every one around her smile as she walks by!

    Lollipop moon has an amazing collection of unique baby gifts, designer girl clothes, and trendy baby clothes all in one place so that your holiday shopping and preparing can be that much easier!

    November 20, 2013

    Make Shopping at an Online Baby Boutique Your One Stop Holiday Shopping Place

    Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukah, or Kwanza, your gift-giving list is probably already long. Not only do you need to buy presents for your children, as well as other family members, but you also need to get the perfect holiday outfits for holiday photos and events. Phew! That sounds exhausting, and there are only a few weeks left to do it all! Thankfully, Lollipop Moon is here to save you time and stress. You can shop anytime on our online baby boutique and get all your designer baby clothes online, along with kids clothes, fun toys, and more. Who knew online shopping for baby clothes could be so beneficial for your time and stress!

    Toys: If you have children, then it might be necessary to start in our toy sections. Even though we have a lot of online kids clothes, we also have a lot of toys. You will find a wide selection of fun and adventurous toys, like the Mini Motos ATV Sport 12v Red or the Injusa Speedy Kart 6v. You know you will make your child’s dreams come true with one of those amazing motorized child cars. For younger kids and babies, you can get the Oopsy Daisy Toy Train or the Clyde the Closet Monster" Knit Baby Hat and Plush Toy Gift Set.

    Kids Clothes Online: Now that it is getting colder, you need to update your little one’s wardrobe. For many sites, it can be iffy to shop for kids clothes online because you never know if the image is an accurate portrayal of the quality of the item. With Lollipop Moon you can shop worry-free. All of the designer baby clothes online and kids clothes are high quality and will look amazing on your youngsters. For boys, the Koi Hooded Jacket and Black & White Koi Hooded Jacket are both nice and warm choices. Girls will love the feel of the Cheetah Heart Hooded Jacket or the Big Colorful Butterfly Rhinestud Hooded Jacket because they are both super cozy, as well as fashionable. These jackets are the perfect fashion to layer with other clothing for the perfect winter look.

    Holiday Wear: For holiday dresses and shoes, as well as fun holiday wear, Lollipop Moon has it all. Little girls will look gorgeous in holiday attire like the Isobella and Chloe leslie Red Tutu Dress. For the perfect holiday shoes, check out pretty footwear like the Amelia Baby Girl Shoes in Candy Apple. You will also find several trendy hair accessories and trendy baby clothes online that will look great for photos and events.

    This holiday season let Lollipop Moon help you with the shopping. For many items, we even offer gift wrap! The holiday season is supposed to be about fun, family memories, not stress and wasting time in store lines. Get all your designer baby clothes online, along with all your other holiday needs. We even have fun gifts for adults too, such as pretty jewelry for moms, grandmas, and aunts, and accessories for friends and teens. Bring your gift list to our online baby boutique, and you are bound to get a lot of shopping done in a little bit of time. The best part is that you can even wear your pajamas while you shop, and you don’t have to haul heavy bags to the car.

    November 20, 2013

    Trendy Baby Clothes for New Moms This Holiday Season

    Christmas shopping has begun. Get your Christmas shipping done without leaving the house. Lollipop Moon has all of the best gifts for everyone on your list. From new moms to new dads to little girls and aunts and friends-Lollipop Moon had it all. We have the perfect gift giving guide for you for all the new moms this season. Give them unique baby clothes they really need and love.

    The Perfect Tutu: For moms of little girls, they need at least one tutu in their daughter’s closet. It is a fashion rule! Well, it may not be a hard and fast rule, but little babes look so adorable in sweet tutus and pettiskirts. One tutu dress that we cannot take our eyes off of is the Lollipop Moon Cotton Candy Blue & Pink Tutu Dress. How gorgeous is this fashion for newborn babes and older babies alike? And if you really want to delight a fashionista mama, then the Lollipop Moon *Glitzy* Perfume Tutu Set is the perfect tutu set for her. By giving these sweet fashions, you are giving mamas fancy clothes that are perfect for once in a lifetime photos.

    Baby Creepers: While it might be a mamas dream to have her little one dressed to the nines every day, it is just not a reality. Babies are quite messy and prefer comfy clothes. Thankfully, you do not have to give up fashion for comfort. The baby creepers are the perfect solution. They are cozy and easy to layer to create several different looks. Pair one with leg warmers one day and a pettiskirt the next. For baby boys, you can give fun baby creepers like the Rhinestone Chinese Love Baby Creeper. For baby girls, you can give sweet onesies like the Pink Flowing Butterfly Baby Creeper. Just know that all moms need an abundance of creepers and onesies.

    Mud Pie Baby Clothes: When it comes to the perfect gift guide for the holidays, we can’t leave off one of our top designers! Mud Pie baby clothes are the perfect choice for stylish mamas and babies alike! There are so many choices to choose from; it is going to be hard to pick one! For baby girls, the Mud Pie Red Damask Baby Gown and the Mud Pie Pretty In Pink Tutu Rosette Leggings Set are absolutely gorgeous. For toddlers and older girls, you will love the Mud Pie Damask Party Dress and the Mud Pie Leopard Print Dress. Both styles are very sophisticated for sassy little girls. Let’s not forget all of the wonderful accessories that Mud Pie offers, such as the darling Mud Pie Soft Rosette Headband or the Mud Pie Chiffon Rosette Bib. Mud Pie baby clothes also has several holiday themed fashions each season which are fun to give and receive. It can be hard to fit in celebrations and special holiday-themed craft with little ones, but allowing them to hang their Mud Pie Curly Top Stocking or to wear their Mud Pie Holiday Slippers while drinking hot chocolate are easy ways to create fun, holiday memories.

    November 20, 2013

    Designer Kids Clothes Make the Perfect Holiday Gifts

    Tis the season to start your Christmas shopping! What a fun time of year to get gifts for all of the little princesses and princes in your life. Whether you are shopping for your own children or shopping for your nieces and nephews, Lollipop Moon has all of the gifts that you need. If you need the perfect designer kids clothes for the perfect little guy or gal in your life, then you have come to the perfect spot. Give one of these amazing and unique looks this season.

    Giggle Moon Fashions: If you want to give designer kids clothes that are fun and festive for any season, then Giggle Moon is the designer for you. Their fun line looks adorable on baby girls and older girls alike. Giggle Moon is a great gift idea for the little girls in your life or for expectant mamas. You can choose from stylish outfits, such as the Giggle Moon Happy & Joyful Fur Swing Set or Giggle Moon Raspberry Truffle Longall. Who could not love those adorable fashions?! Not sure which outfit to choose from? Giggle Moon also has a full line of accessories, like the stylish Giggle Moon Tickles and Giggles Knit Headband or the Giggle Moon Happy & Joyful Knit Headband that will go well with any trendy baby clothes outfit.

    Isobella & Chloe: Another fun designer to chose from is Isobella & Chloe. If you love giving girly gifts, then you will love Isobella & Chloe’s adorable clothing. Their clothing is not only fashionable, but it is truly functional. Little girls can play in these adorable outfits with ease. Choose from the Isobella and Chloe Black Swan Tiffany Tutu or the Isobella & Chloe Harmoney Leopard Pant Set among many of their fashionable sets.

    Cach Cach: Finally, you cannot complete your Christmas shopping without first looking at the gorgeous pieces from Cach Cach. Cach Cach is a good choice when you need sweet baby gifts to give, either to a baby girl or a mama. We are all about the fun fashions of the Cach Cach Leopard Ruffle Pant Set With Bow, as well as the Cach Cach Zebra Purse Swing Top with Leggings. These are both the perfect fashions to set your little fashionista off on the right foot – even before she begins to crawl!

    When it comes to finding great designer kids clothes, there is only one place to find them all. Lollipop Moon! When you are picking out the perfect outfit, don’t just give boring clothes. Instead, give fun clothes that parents are excited to dress their kids in. All of the designer kids clothes found at Lollipop Moon are meant to be fashionable enough for pictures and special occasions, while still being comfortable for every day wear and activities. Don’t forget to add fun accessories for the hair, as well as the perfect pair of shoes with your gift too!

    Don't let Christmas shopping stress you out this year. Instead, embrace the season with fun gifts from Lollipop Moon. You will save so much time and enjoy shopping from the comfort if your own home. You can even do all your Christmas shopping in your pajamas. When it comes to all your holiday needs, from holiday dresses for girl or luxury kid toys, Lollipop Moon has it all.

    November 17, 2013

    Buying Baby Shower Gifts During the Holiday Season

    There are going to be a lot of Christmas and New Year’s babies this season. Do you know an expecting mama right now? Chances are she has probably planned her baby shower right between Thanksgiving and Christmas to squeeze in the celebration before the holiday season got too crazy. Thankfully, Lollipop Moon is here to save you from the holiday stress and to help you find the best baby gifts of the season. No need to beat the holiday rush, we have all of the best newborn baby clothes online. Plus, our styles are much cuter and stylish than anything you can find at your local shopping place. Here are just a few gifts we recommend giving to the mama-to-be.

    Gift Sets: To get the most for your money, choose from one of our adorable gift sets. Newborn baby gifts are fun to pick out, but they also look great when they come in a matching set. Thankfully, we have several sets that make gifting a cinch. Sets like the Pink Champagne Gift Set or the Rock Guitar Baby Gift Set come with an adorable baby fashion set. Whereas the Zoe Travel Duo Set comes with two different wipes cases that will help mom stay organized and fashionable. Of course, if you really want to give the baby gift that is too cute for words, then the Monster Party" Three-piece Gift Set is the perfect choice.

    Nursery Décor: If you have an idea of what the baby’s room theme will be, then fun newborn baby gifts will be nursery décor. You can get unique monogramed hair bow holders, like the darling Boutique Girls Baby Round Hair Bow Holder or customized picture frames, like the Set of 9 inch round Standing Frames in Pink and Grey. Both would look precious in baby girl rooms. Don’t forget to check out Lollipop Moon large selection of children and nursery artwork too. Pieces like the Oopsy Daisy Canvas Wall Art Balloon Adventurer would look good with any décor, and can be customized with the baby’s name.

    Newborn Baby Clothes: Newborn baby clothes are also a fun gift to give. We love sleeping gowns and footed sleepers because they work best for newborns. The Mud Pie Chiffon Sleep Gown-Pink and Mud Pie Perfectly Princess Footed Sleeper are both adorable and comfortable for new babes. For baby boys, the Mud Pie Football Crawler is a great choice, especially for football fan parents. Remember, moms and dads will have to change newborn baby clothes several times a day, so give them several outfits to choose from. Even though Lollipop Moon has several adorable holiday and Christmas pieces right now, they are not the wisest choices for a baby shower gift this season because the baby might not be born in time to wear them. Instead, get them in 12-18 month sizing for next Christmas.

    This holiday season may not seem like the ideal time for a baby shower, but with Lollipop Moon to help, you will not have to stress over finding newborn baby gifts while everyone else is shopping for Christmas gifts. Speaking of Christmas gifts, feel free to get your holiday shopping done on

    October 21, 2013

    The Best Trendy Baby Clothes Boutique To Shop At

    The weather is turning colder and it’s fast becoming time to decide what to buy that trendy baby in your life for the holidays! Lollipop Moon has the trendy baby clothes you need to make your little one stand out in the crowd at any winter party. Holiday baby gifts and newborn baby gifts can be a headache but Lollipop Moon is your one-stop shop for a shop-stopping moment.

    Lollipop Moon

    Every girl needs a red dress, and now your mini fashionista can have the look too with the adorable Red Lace Butterfly Romper from the Lollipop Moon “Butterfly Kisses” collection. Gorgeous ruffle detailing and a glitzy butterfly accent will make hers the must have look. Its is an easy wash and wear piece that can go from party and party as well as transition to a play outfit for cool weather. No outfit would be complete without a Red Scalloped Hat with Red Scalloped Daisy or Jaime Rae Red Daisy Headband. This fun and easy ensemble is sure to turn heads and get your friends asking, “Where did you get that?”

    Giggle Moon Clothes

    Searching for a fabulous dress for your trendy baby’s wardrobe this winter? A favorite is the Giggle Moon Happy & Joyful Sac. The hottest paisley print and timeless rosette and bow accents are sure to make your bundle of joy’s holiday merry and bright! Along with the hottest boutique apparel from Giggle Moon Clothes Lollipop Moon also carries accessories to add the finishing touches for any occasion. Try the Giggle Moon Tickles and Giggles Knit Headband, whose subtle black and white print and delicate pink flower detail make it an easy mix and match piece with all your daughter’s favorite Giggle Moon looks.

    Mud Pie Baby Clothes

    Have your mini diva make a splash in the Mud Pie Red Damask Party Dress for Holiday 2013. This fabulous and versatile dress fits all your winter needs, from church to parties and everything in between. Style it with the matching Mud Pie Damask Bow Clip and you have a chic and effortless outfit for your bundle of joy. Be sure to check out the Mud Pies Diva Collection to complete your daughter’s holiday shopping and to pick up that jaw-dropping gift. No more showing up at a party in the same dress and someone else, how embarrassing!

    October 12,2013

    The Ultimate Baby Shower Gift Guide
    Baby showers are the perfect time to help the parents-to-be get ready for their special little bundle of joy with gifts and games between friends and family. The game’s can keep guest laughing with delight but it’s the gifts that excite everyone most of all from the little tiny shoes to the absolutely adorable outfits! This part of the baby shower is where hearts can melt and smiles come naturally.

    Where Do I Even Start

    The parents-to-be will be registered at various stores across town and everyone invited to the baby shower will look at those lists for their gift ideas. Those registered gifts are great but this is your moment to have your gift out shine the rest and show the parents-to-be how exciting being a new parent can be! Your first and, it will probably be your last; stop should definitely be Lollipop Moon as they carry trendy baby gifts that will set your gift apart from the norm.

    Baby Outfits

    Lollipop Moon has a complete selection of newborn baby clothes for little girls and boys. If you don't know what kind of outfit to get then think about what the parents like. Such as if the mother-to-be is a self proclaimed Diva then something like the Born To Wear Diamonds Tutu Onesie, which is adorned with a pink tutu and has the words "born to wear diamonds" written out in rhinestones might be the perfect gift for her! Maybe the mother's not a Diva but loves roses, well then the Bundle Of Love Rose Garden might just be the perfect little gown with its simple yet elegant solid color design and heavenly little pink roses lining the neck and foot area complete with a beautifully matching hat. If they are having a boy and the dad has spent time in our Military then the parents would really cherish the Baby Camo Two-Piece Layette Set in "Backpack" Gift Box, which comes with an adorable camouflage onsie with "lace up combat boots" attached to the onsie and a matching hat! You can even go one step further and pick up the Camo Hooded Towel and Wash Cloth Set to match. If the parents like to golf, paint, fly, etc. then check out Lollipop Moon's baby boutique as there is a large variety of equally adorable outfits that are sure to make the crowd go "awwwwww."

    Those Unique Baby Gifts No One Thought Of

    Everyone knows the usual bottles, wipes, diapers, and so on but for a first time parent there are many other things that they don't even know that they need. After all no babies have come with instruction manual's yet! Give the parents-to-be something like the Diaper Pouch and Travel Wipe Set as new parents don't think about how running quick errands can have a huge impact on their traveling needs. You might even know that mother that resents the typical diaper bag and blah look that it brings so give a set of these beautiful diaper and wipe carriers so that she can still have style! Lollipop Moon carries designer baby gifts such as a wipe container cover like the Pink Cupcake Nursery Wipes Box which makes a great gift seeing as the wipe container box can really help to ruin a nursery room look. Never underestimate the strength of the sun and get the parents-to-be a car seat cover and blanket set such as the Baby Bella Maya Royal Mist Car Seat Cover & Blanket Set. You can help new parents so much by giving one of these for a gift because sometimes new parents do not think about the angle of the car seat and the sun until it's too late and they are already out in it. Another great gift is the little booties that look like little shoes such as the simply adorable Tiny Dancer Ballerina Booties Sock Set.

    There is a whole world of unique baby gifts waiting to be given to those parents-to-be; nothing says you have to stick to the normal bottle and registry "wants." So have fun shopping and help those new parents-to-be become ready for their bundle of joy!

    October 7,2013

    5 Best Giggle Moon Kids Clothing For Fall As a parent you have at one time or another said "oh that child's outfit is so cute" and then there are those times where you have said "where did you get your child's outfit" or something along the line of "I HAVE to get that for my little girl." You see there is a difference between "oh that's cute" outfits and absolutely adorable jaw dropping trendy kids clothes and Lollipop Moon is one of those special retailers that just happens to carry those absolutely adorable jaw dropping trendy kids clothes!

    Giggle Moon Happy & Joyful Fur Swing Set

    Lollipop Moon has the trendiest Giggle Moon Fall clothes available on their online kids store, such as the number one fall outfit which comes from the "Happy and Joyful" collection, the Giggle Moon Happy & Joyful Fur Swing Set. This adorable outfit is complete with black damask prints and pretty pink ruffles that make this outfit perfect for playing around the house or going to local events.

    Giggle Moon Dance for Joy Tutu Swing Set

    If damask prints and pretty pink ruffles aren't your thing then you are sure to love the second fall outfit choice which is the Giggle Moon Dance for Joy Tutu Swing Set from the "Dance for Joy" collection. This outfit comes complete with a grey/yellow knit striped top which is adorned with luscious eye popping red flowers along with lots and lots of ruffles!

    Giggle Moon Harvest Party Mabel Dress with Ruffle Leggings

    For a more subtle fall color trend the third fall outfit choice is the Giggle Moon Harvest Party Mabel Dress with Ruffle Leggings out of the "Harvest Party" collection. This absolutely adorable set includes beautiful bright knit orange stripe, rich chocolate’s, tan’s, and yellow hues. This is a perfect trendy outfit for those pumpkin patches or harvest parties, just as the collection suggest!

    Giggle Moon Tickles and Giggles Longall

    If you have been looking at all of the collections mentioned above and have a baby rather than a toddler don't fret as Lollipop Moon also has the best baby boutique with baby gifts and the same beautiful clothing! The Giggle Moon Tickles and Giggles Longall is the fourth fall outfit choice and this one is from the "Tickles and Giggles" collection. This little one piece features buttery soft grey fur fabric, Victorian inspired ruffled lace, and sparkly grey trim so that even the smallest of children can be dressed in designer baby clothes and look their best!

    Giggle Moon Raspberry Truffle Tutu Dress with Leggings

    The last fall outfit for the 5 Best Giggle Moon article, is out of the "Raspberry Truffle" collection which is just as sweet as it sounds, the outfit is called the Giggle Moon Raspberry Truffle Tutu Dress with Leggings. This beautiful outfit is made with a mix of raspberry and ivory colors and is trimmed with soft and stretchy ivory floral lace. Perfect for sight-seeing or being the sight to see!

    All of the outfits mentioned above even have the added ability to bring more "aww she is so precious" moments by adding their coordinating headbands, the option is given during checkout under the outfit size selection so that completing your sweet child’s outfits can be easy and convenient for you. So whether you are searching for fall kids clothes or just trendy kids fashions in general Lollipop Moon is a great place to start and don't forget that Lollipop Moon has the designer baby clothes giggle moon baby clothes! Check out Lollipop Moon's online kids store today and rack up on the hottest trendy kids fashions for little girls from baby and up, and remember the outfits listed above are just the icing on the cake as there are many other options awaiting you!

    October 01, 2013

    Mud Pie Baby Fall & Holiday Collection Fall is an often welcomed time of the year. Summer temperatures cool down. The pace of life quickens as people return home from vacation. Children return to school happily greeting the new educational year. Many parents take this time to buy new clothing for their children and babies. This is often a necessity as children and babies outgrow their old things quite quickly. Parents can dress their kids in clothing that is both age appropriate and well suited for the holidays. A new dress or new pair of shoes can be just the thing to help freshen up an old outfit.

    Lollipop Moon offers a beautiful online kids boutique that has many trendy kids clothes as well as elegant designer kids clothes that are from the Mud Pie Baby Clothes line of clothing. Parents will find a very lovely selection of new falls clothes for children on this easy to navigate website. Products that are offered by this company include items such as dresses, shoes and socks. The online kids boutique also features adorable clothing accessories such as holiday slippers, headbands and gaily decorated socks that capture the cozy and playful feel of the fall holidays.

    The designer kids clothes and trendy kids clothes section of the Mud Pie Holiday new falls clothes for children of the online kids store has many items that will delight parents, children and even grandparents. Many of the items that are presented here not only make good clothing for one's own child but also make great birthday and Christmas presents for other kids as well.

    For example, the boutique has Mud Pie red chiffon dress in a perfectly elegant shade that will make any little girl look very appropriately dressed for the fall and holiday season. The chiffon used in the dress is a soft material that will feel good against any baby's skin. The dress is easy to clean and has multiple closures that make slipping it on and off quite easy even with a very fussy baby.

    Another item from the Mud Pie Holiday collection that is sure to please any child or parent is the Mud Pie Damask Dress. The taffeta top has black bows. The skirt of the dress is of a red and white softly falling pattern that compliments the top well. Any young lady will look stylish in this holiday dress. The holiday dress has a version that is suited for a baby. The Baby Gown nicely compliments the longer dress worn by a big sister. Use both to dress up two little sisters to celebrate the fall holidays.

    The company also offers parents and children many other clothes that are age appropriate and ideal for the holiday season. Any child will love wearing the Mud Pie Bow Toe Halloween Socks that are designed both for the fall and specifically for Halloween use. These charming socks come in multiple styles and color patterns that any small child can wear. Children can put on the orange, black and white socks during trick or treating, when attending a holiday party or just for fun around the house.

    Lollipop Moon also has several items that are the perfect December and Christmas Day look for any little girl when walking around or going to a holiday outing. Put a cheery jingle bed headband on your little baby for an adorable touch to any Christmas outfit or even for everyday wear when on a stroll outside. The jingle bell headband is also offered for older children who can enjoy running around the house and making joyful noises. A Mud Pie Elf Jingle Bell Tights are available in red and green patterns. The tights are designed to fit children up to eighteen months old.

    Another Christmas items that many little girls may enjoy wearing is an I Love Santa Playsuit. The playsuit consists of a white tee shirt with lettering on top. The outfit comes with a polka dotted skirt and polka dotted leggings that allow the young girl to move around freely while playing.

    For a more formal look during the holidays, Lollipop offers a Mud Pie Diva Cable Knit Shit Dress. The dress is elegant yet made of soft fabric that will not chafe at a child's skin. This dress is perfect for a holiday part or holiday theater performance.

    Lollipop Moon fashions also offers little items that are the perfect touch for attending a Christmas or holiday party with a baby. An I Love Santa Bib or a Mud Pie Jeweled Velvet Headband are the perfect touch for a baby's first Christmas.
    Lollipop Moon's Mud Pie Baby Fall & Holiday collection of Mud Pie Baby Clothes has many items that are make wonderful additions to any baby or small child's fall holiday wardrobe. Delight your child or baby with that right one.

    August 22, 2013

    6 Best Trendy Baby Clothes You Should Buy It's hard to believe, but fall is almost here and the new fall clothes for babies from our favorite baby boutiques are ready for the runway! For busy parents, it is so difficult to know what's in style in their own lines of fashion, let alone in baby fashion. Work, Planning meals, running errands, and the start of school are taking up most of our time, and we haven't even reached the holiday season yet!

    Luckily, this year there are many options to choose from in designer baby clothes, and as far as we can see, they are all looking fantastic. Best of all, with online shopping, they're right at your fingertips–literally!

    So, without further ado, from head to toe, headbands to booties, and everything in between, here are the top 6 trendy baby clothes for Fall 2013:

    1. Big and Bold Color

    Polka dots! Stripes! Prints! This fall in designer baby clothes, patterns are trending even for your newborn baby. Who says pastels are the only way to go? Try polka dots or leopard print for starters. If you're wary of dressing your tiny one in colors that are too loud, go for the Dream Puff Baby Gown from Haute Baby. It has a soft patterned, neutral background with a pop of pink and a little, brown stripe. Or try the Dots Blanket, also from Haute Baby, and featuring big, hot pink polka dots on a bright turquoise background. Both of these are great baby shower gifts as well!

    2. Tutus For Your Little Ballerina

    If you're looking for unique baby clothes, try tutus! They are can be found everywhere from your local baby boutiques to online shops such as They make for a super fun dress-up accessory, but they can also be worn to school or play dates. A bright fuchsia tutu a little "tu" much for you? Try the Leslie Red Tutu Set with tutu and leggings from Isobella and Chloe or the Leslie Red Tutu Dress, also by Isobella and Chloe. Both are available at If you are looking for holiday baby clothes for your little girl (and it's never too early!) either of these tutu outfits, both in classic, deep red shades could be just the thing.

    3. Organic Fibers and Vegan Leather

    Cotton and bamboo are especially popular in fabrics this fall, and generally, organic fibers seem to be the way to go. They're better for the environment and the people who make them, and they're always soft and cozy for the little ones we love. Also popular right now is vegan leather, which is often more durable and long lasting than real leather. Check out the fashionable Joyfolie Jaya Boot, with strappy vegan leather.

    4. Boots and Booties

    Speaking of boots, just as for mom, boots and booties are now trending in designer baby clothes. From short and cute booties to knee-high, warm boots for when the flakes begin to fly, boots are a must-have for your baby. As mentioned the Joyfolie Jaya Boot offers an option for warmer weather fashion with its sandal-like style. But when the thermometer drops, something warmer may be in order. Just like adults, little ones look adorable in knee-high boots, leggings and a shorter skirt. This style is still at its peak. For a comfortable, warm and fashionable option check out the Joyfolie Brynn Boot with a velvety finish.

    5. Messy Hair? Don't Care!

    Stuck on what to do with your little bed-head's do? "Do" not fret! Headbands to the rescue. The new fall line of knit headbands from Giggle Moon, flourished with big, bright flowers and featuring bold and colorful patterns are to die for and make hair time a cinch. The best part? Kids love them! Let your fashionista shop with you and pick her favorite style then pre-order from Giggle Moon has so many styles to choose from!

    6. Ruffle Bottom Leggings

    Trendy baby clothes aren't always stylish long-term, but leggings are surely here to stay, and the addition of the ruffled style to the bottoms' hem is stellar. The best thing about leggings is that they're so versatile. They can be worn to school, on play dates, shopping with mom or grandma–and they're so comfortable. We know, don't we? For a little spin on the basic legging, though, and an added flare, this fall the ruffle is in. Mud Pie Baby, a line of very unique baby clothes, has several adorable outfits that feature the ruffle bottom legging for little ones, including the Forest Friends Owl Pant Set. And you can't shop for new fall clothes for babies without remembering Halloween! What about the Cat Tutu Set, also by Mud Pie Baby. This outfit is great because it can be worn as a costume to Halloween parties and Trick-or-Treating–or just as a cute fall outfit!

    Whether you're shopping for your own newborn baby, unique, holiday baby clothes, or baby shower gifts, if you keep these six trends in mind you will certainly have the foundation for a stunning wardrobe for the little ones you love this fall!

    August 17, 2013

    Mud Pie Collection Lollipop Moon
    Upon visiting the Lollipop Moon web site for the first time my only question, was why did it take me so long? This is an incredible site with festive and trendy clothing and costumes for babies and small children. There variety of baby clothes and kids accessories is only the beginning.Truly a complete Designer Baby Boutique.

    Lollipop Moon was founded by a New York City entrepreneur who being well experienced in the industry of fashion saw as mor than just an oportunity but felt duty bound since the need was in such demand. The reason behind this dream was as a result of parents continually unable to find trendy newborn baby clothes and small children's cloths at just the right price.
    Below is only a snipped of what can be found at Lollipops Moon
    Mud Pie Witch Tunic & Legging Set. This festive Mud Pie Baby outfit makes any Halloween a perfect treat. This sparkly little outfit is perfect for any shinny little witchy woo. GOTO

    Mud Pie Cat Tutu Set. What Halloween would be complete without a Mud Pie Baby Halloween cat to set the mood. Decked with a cats face top and leggings to match. This outfit comes complete with a festive Halloween tote bag. GOTO

    Mud Pie Bow Toe Halloween Socks - Witch Hat. With these socks you can start Halloween off right. These sassy trick or treat socks with witch hats makes a great gifts for any little baby. Sizes for the baby begin with New born to 12 months. GOTO

    Mud Pie Bow Toe Halloween Socks Pumpkin. These little treats are cotton pumpkin patterned socks, a real festive Halloween design. They come with a Halloween jack-o-lantern and a grosgrain bows and the felt pumpkin snaps offs for easy washing. size new born to 12 months.GOTO

    Mud Pie Forest Friends Owl Pants Set. This set includes paisley minky pants set with very cute cotton made long sleeve ruffled bottom and top with an owl ornamental look and chartreuse-green pom pom trim. This pants set is compliments of Mud Pie's Forest Friends collection. Items like these makes buying for baby's a breeze. GOTO

    Mud Pie Forest Friends Owl Ruffle One Piece. Talk about too cute, The Mud Pie Forest Friends Owl Ruffle One Piece is a trendy baby clothes One Piece Long Hall outfit perfect for fall seasons. Show off your little ones with this adorable outfit all over town. You’ll want to indulge your senses in this soft fabric. This long hall outfit is adorned with owl ornaments and suede branches and bottom pom pom trim makes for great baby shower Gifts GOTO

    Mud Pie Pink Chiffon Rosette Bloomer, At Lollipop Moon Newborn Baby Gifts Clothes are trendy baby’s wear like the Mud Pie Pink Chiffon Rosette Bloomer, they are cuter. Dress up your little one’s behind or cover the diaper with these cute bloomers. Sizes in 06M and 12-18M. For your Baby Gifts GOTO

    Mud Pie Red Ruffle Chiffon Bloomer,
    Check out this adorable Mud Pie Red Ruffle Chiffon Bloomer underpants! The newborn baby clothes of Mud Pie Red Ruffle Chiffon Bloomer is one cool set of baby clothes fashion that all babies need. They can be worn as a cute skirt or dress. They also make great baby shower gifts GOTO

    Mud Pie Pretty Pink Velour Coat. All little girls are as they say pretty in pink. The Mud Pie Pretty Pink Velour Coat is no exception. This set of baby clothes will look pretty on any little girl. It will complement your little one’s entire outfit, and keep her warm and snug. For the best in newborn mud pie holiday clothes GOTO

    This is only a brief overview of the vast quality and selection found at lollipop moon Designer Baby Boutique. Mud Pie Holiday Clothes. Has the best in Newborn baby clothes and.Trendy baby clothes to keep your little ones riding in style.

    August 2,2013

    The Top Six Benefits and Cons of Shopping for Baby Clothes Online

    It’s safe to say that technology has revolutionized the shopping world as we know it. For instance, for newborn mothers who don’t have the time to go to the mall to shop for the baby clothes they need, they can just get on a computer, connect to the internet and shop for baby clothes online at the comfort of your own home. Although shopping online has swept the shopping niche with a whirlwind, there are some benefits as well as cons that are associated with buying trendy clothes online. Weigh the pros and cons, and you will see that the pros will always win out for online shopping, especially with top baby boutiques like Lollipop Moon.

    • Convenience- For newborn mothers, there is hardly any time to go to the different malls, looking through different clothes for babies but rather they can shop conveniently at the comfort of their own home. No need to get yourself dressed and the baby ready to shop. We all have our mommy stories of going out to the store with our new baby only for something to go wrong, such as a diaper blow out, spit up, or forgetting our wallets. You can shop Lollipop Moon in the comfort of your own home at any time of the day. You can even order trendy baby clothes at 2 am when you are up with a hungry babe.

    • Uniqueness- This is a problem that happens to a lot of moms. They find a cute baby outfit and happily dress their little one in it, only to discover that another baby is wearing the same exact thing. When you shop for cool baby clothes at boutiques like Lollipop Moon, you are going to get the cutest clothes that trump the department stores clothes.

    • Easy Comparing– Since online shopping for baby clothes has become a new trend, there are several online stores that sell these clothes. On that note, it’s easy to canvass through different stores, comparing and contrasting prices and the baby clothes on sale with the click of a button.

    • Slow delivery- Although shopping online is very fast and convenient for newborn mothers who don’t have the time to visit the retail stores, there are several online boutiques that ship items very slowly. Lollipop Moon makes it a mission to get purchases shipped out quickly so that you can enjoy them. While you may have to wait a few days for your order, you will benefit in the conveniences in other areas.

    • Inability to properly view the product in person- Although online stores provide necessary images and details to provide the customer with the exact picture of what’s on sale, the inability for the customer to view the baby clothes, feel the texture or take the correct measurements are quite disadvantageous. Thankfully Lollipop Moon offers several pictures and rich descriptions. Plus, we are always here to answer questions.

    In conclusion, when it comes to shopping for trendy baby clothes online, the benefits outweigh the cons. All smart moms use time to their advantage and shop online.

    August 1st, 2012

    Why You Should Shop at Lollipop Moon Lollipop Moon is a highly popular online boutique that was founded by a fashion-savvy entrepreneur. The store offers a wide selection of designer kids clothes and newborn baby clothes. At this boutique, buyers can find all of their favorite brands and trendy kids clothes. Here are seven reasons why you should shop at Lollipop Moon:

    Find Fashionable Clothes

    Finding trendy clothes for kids can be a hassle, but Lollipop Moon offers a wide selection of designer clothes for young children. At this store, you can find the latest fashions in one convenient shop. Apart from being trendy, the clothes at Lollipop Moon are comfortable and let your kids move around with ease. Whether you want to shop for a girl or boy, you can rest assured that you’ll find styles that will appeal to you and your fashion-forward toddler.

    It’s Affordable

    Sure, there are other stores that offer designer kids’ clothing, but Lollipop Moon offers quality clothes for half the price. In this economy, saving money isn’t just a smart move; it’s is a necessary thing to do. Luckily, you can find everything you need at Lollipop Moon without compromising your budget or your kids’ style sense.


    It Has Product Diversity

    Lollipop Moon offers all types of products from kids clothes to baby shower gifts. At this store, you can find all the styles you crave for like cute t-shirts and elegant formal wear. You can also shop for little girls and boys because they have products for both genders. From pajamas, to formal wear, to cute accessories, you’re sure to find everything you need at this amazing store.

    Helpful Customer Service

    Dealing with the customer service at some stores is a tedious task. First, they have a tendency to be rude towards customers, and second, they might not solve the problem at hand. Well, that’s not the case at Lollipop Moon. Lollipop Moon has a highly efficient customer service that has been trained to handle different problems. The customer service at Lollipop Moon is always helpful, and you’ll feel like you’re talking to an actual person, not a machine.


    Find Child-Friendly Accessories

    Your little fashionista loves to wear accessories, but are you worried about the safety of the accessories? Well, Lollipop Moon offers child-friendly accessories that don’t pose a safety risk for your child. You can find a wide array of style options like cute sunglasses, chic hats and fierce shoes.


    Lollipop Moon is a highly reliable company that has been recommended by numerous child and parenting magazines. Once you order something from the website, you can expect to get your purchases in record timing. Apart from that, if you have a problem, the customer service will do everything to solve it.

    Quality Products

    At Lollipop Moon, you are sure to find quality products whether you’re shopping for clothes or baby gifts. All the clothes are made out of superior fabrics that are sure to last the test of childhood.

    July 30th, 2013

    Lollipop Moon Fall Lineup Every year the fashion world comes alive as the fall season approaches. Each year at fall, Lollipop Moon releases their fall fashion lineup consisting of top brands such as; Giggle Moon, Cach Cach, Mud Pie Baby, and more. This is the best time for trendy moms to cash in on the best designer kids clothes.

    Trendy baby clothes are growing in popularity as prices become more affordable. Parents don’t have to dish out large amounts of money to keep their kids looking great for a great price. Lollipop Moon is taking advantage of this trend with a few lines that are showcasing their fall collection.

    One new line appearing this fall comes from Giggle Moon who is bringing back a retro look that is sure to make young girls look great. Their lineup has a focus on color, patterns, and accessories to complete any outfit. Almost all of the outfits have fun ruffles as well an affordable price that is sure to attract parents.

    Those who are seeking a more fun everyday look have to check out the fun outfits from Isobella and Chloe. This years main outfit features a unique stripped and spotted ensemble that is perfect for everyday wear. It is also bright and colorful which will surely appeal to all kids making it a fall hit.

    Cach Cach is also bringing a fun new everyday wear outfit to the market for the surprisingly low price of $42. The new outfit is a leopard ruffle pant set that comes with a bow as a cute accessory. Girls will love the pink colors which make the outfit feel more alive.

    Mud Pie Baby is also back with many new outfits to add to the Lollipop Moon fall preview lineup. Baby boutique clothing giant is premiering a lineup of whacky, fun, and stylish clothes. Their lineup consists of socks, outfits, and accessories. The socks are decorated in various Halloween designs ranging from pumpkins to witches hats.

    The outfits are a complete representation of fall and everything that the season has to offer. Some of the outfits represent Halloween while others utilize fall colors to highlight the fall holidays. All of the outfits are colorful and have designs that kids will love. The prices are also extremely affordable making Mud Pie a great selection for any family.

    Trendy baby clothing is what lollipop Moon does best and because they are the best, they are able to offer a great selection. Parents can rest assured that they will always get a great price for quality clothing. The parents will love the price, the kids will love the clothing, and everybody wins in the end.

    Next time you’re in the market for great kids clothing at a great price be sure to shop at lollipop Moon. They carry designer kids clothes at a great price that the entire family will love. Be sure to check out the new fall lineup featuring the latest trendy baby clothes as well as young kids. Make lollipop Moon your official store for baby boutique clothing today!

    July 19, 2013

    Summer Fashion Styles for Girls

    Summer is finally here and it’s time to dress your little fashionista in the best trendy baby clothes and hip kids clothes for summer. It’s time to go bold with all the different colors and make sure your baby girl looks adorable. Most parents always look forward to summer because they can finally do away with the burdensome kid’s jackets and other clothes for the winter season.

    Best Summer Colors

    Little girls always look beautiful in pink trendy kids clothes, especially flowery dresses. For the best summer colors for your baby girl, think of fruit colors like strawberries, watermelons or cherries. These fruits have the best summer colors with which you can dress your little girl boldly.

    The best summer colors you can choose would definitely be pink, red or white. Even better, mix and match these colors and make your little girl a great vision of different summer colors.

    Dresses Are Just One Hip Kids Clothes Choice

    Little girls will always look adorable in dresses. Therefore, with a mix and match of every summer theme and colors, you can look for the perfect floral dress for your little girl. Navy blue dresses with polka dots and other nautical themes would also be perfect to dress your little girl this summer.

    Best Summer Clothes for Girls

    It is going to be hot this summer, so make sure your little one has cool clothes that look even cooler. Fun swimsuits are great for playing in the sprinklers or going to the pool. Choose trendy baby clothes that are made of light material so that they stay comfortable all day long. We love little kids paired in fashionable shirts and cool shorts. Girly skirts are also a fun choice for summer and can be dressed up or down.

    Other Summer Accessories

    Make the your little one’s hip kids clothes even bolder with fun accessories such as fun hair accessories for girls or fashionable sandals. Add a statement belt to shorts, and of course, don’t forget the sunglasses. Little girl jewelry is always fun to wear. When it comes to jewelry for little girls, let them pick it out. Yes, the pieces made be a little bright and stand out, but they add to your daughter’s unique style.

    Lollipop Moon has so many fun and fashionable choices for your little princess this summer. Whether you need the perfect bathing suit or fashionable sandals, Lollipop Moon’s top baby boutique has it all. Shop now for the best deals of the season.

    July 11, 2013

    A Thanks to Our Fans
    Behind every great online baby boutique are the wonderful fans and cute babies that support it. At Lollipop Moon, we just want to take a few minutes to thank our loyal fans and shoppers. Lollipop Moon started from one mom being tired of the choice and quality of baby clothes and kid clothes from chain stores. She vowed to bring all moms the most fashionable pieces around. That is why we are so passionate about baby fashion and trendy kids clothes, so it is exciting to see others share that same passion. So whether you shopped with us once or hundreds of times, here are just a few reasons why we love our fans so much:

    1.You Send Us Pictures of Your Cuties: We only sell baby clothes and fashionable kids clothes that we love 100%. And while we think every outfit is darling, it is a thousand times more darling on little babies. It is such a blessing to see your little cutie wearing our fashions. So keep the photos coming; they definitely brighten our day!

    2.You Help Us With Flash Sales: Whenever we need to sell some last pieces of a season, our Facebook fans are loyal to buy. We love that we can get you cute fashions at discounted prices. Our Facebook community is so involved and fun to talk and share with!

    3.You Are Our Inspiration: In any business, there are times of trials. However, trials don’t stand a chance when our fans are as great as you. You are our constant inspiration and motivation to make Lollipop Moon greater and better than ever. We want to make your jobs as moms, dads, and grandparents even easier when you need the perfect outfit for a new season or need the sweetest baby gift that is original. You keep us looking for the best fashions out there, because we want them in your little one’s closet.

    So again, we say thank you and we love you! Be sure to like us on Facebook for flash sales and for the most recent updates. Follow us on Twitter and Pinterest too. If you have some extra time, go ahead and pin your favorite outfits to your boards. We would love to see our cute fashions take over Pinterest. Finally, please feel free to share us with a friend; we hope they love us just as much as you do.

    Shop Lollipop Moon for all the fall pre-sales today. We have all of the cutest and trendy kid clothes fashions for the new school year. Whether you need new threads for your little guy or girl, or just want to give the perfect baby gift, Lollipop Moon has what you need. You will love the new selections from Lollipop Moon, Giggle Moon, and our newest designer, Joyfolie Shoes. Get your pre-orders in just in time for the fall season. Hurry, some fall pre-orders are shipping out now, so you can get your favorite fashions quickly.

    From one mom to another (and to all the dads and grandparents too), we know you are busy and don’t have the time nor desire to shop several stores looking for the perfect piece. That is why we want to bring everything to your fingertips at our online baby boutique, Lollipop Moon.

    June 21,2013

    Best Baby Shower Gifts to Give this Summer

    If you know a pregnant mama right now, chances are she is feeling a little miserable in the heat. Cheer her up with some fun baby shower gifts! Lollipop Moon has so many great ideas for you to give to mamas and little ones. You will have the best looking gift at the shower! Here are out top three picks:

    Cool Baby Clothes: We have all sat at a baby shower watching the new mom open up gifts only to want to yawn and say, “Oh look, another plain onesie or burp cloth”. Add some spice to the party with cool baby clothes that will make everyone say “Aww”. Lollipop Moon has the best baby fashions that are what every mommy wants and needs. When you give cool baby clothes you aren’t just giving a cute outfit. You are also giving new moms and dads that gift of a cute photo-worthy outfit. It is so much fun to have photos done as a new parent, but the cost of having to find special outfits and pay the photographer can get pricey. This is where you come in with your adorable cool baby clothes outfit.

    Art for Babies Room: If you know the theme of the baby’s room, then you can give a special baby shower gift of art for the babies room. There are so many adorable styles to choose from, especially when you shop Lollipop Moon. One of our top designers is Oopsy Daisy, who specialized in unique and priceless pieces of art. Not only does Lollipop Moon have several special pieces that will brighten up any nursery, but they also have one of a kind growth charts for kids. What better way to remember the first years then with a growth chart? Giving a growth chart as a baby shower gift is one way to give a gift that parents will use for many years and cherish forever.

    Designer Wipes Cases: Designer wipes cases are such a fun baby gift to give because no one usually gifts them at a usual shower. However, these fashionable wipes containers come in handy so many times in a mom’s life. Plus, the baby will not outgrow the travel wipe containers. Even when the little ones are out of diapers, moms will still want to carry around wet wipes for easy clean ups on the go. Designer wipes cases are a popular thing among many celebrity moms too. They add a nice touch to any nursery décor.

    When you are looking for the perfect baby shower gift, you only need to look in one spot – Lollipop Moon. Lollipop Moon makes it easy to shop for the cutest and most unique fashions around. Don’t settle for an average baby gift when you can give an extraordinary one from our top baby boutique. And moms to be, don’t forget to register for your favorite baby essentials and baby clothes online at Lollipop Moon. That way you can get the adorable baby items you really want!

    June 21, 2013

    Lollipop Moon’s Spring and Summer Sale

    We are about to say your favorite four-letter word - SALE! Lollipop Moon’s top baby boutique is having a huge sale on spring and summer outfits. Get your favorite outfit for this season or for next year at great prices. You can find your favorite trendy baby clothes and hip kids clothes for up to 30% off. Here are just a few of our favorite designers:

    Isobella & Chloe: Have you seen their darling two-piece sets? They make great play sets for summer, but will also transition smoothly into the fall season. Just pair a cardigan over the fashions. Also, their ruffle bikinis for baby girls and toddlers are just too cute to pass up. Even if your little one is outgrown baby clothes and is now in girls clothes sizes, you can buy one of their cute bikinis for a baby shower gift.

    Giggle Moon: Giggle Moon had so many fun and frilly outfits for the summer. We know you have had your eye on them. Now at up to 30% off, there is no reason not to snatch up your favorite Giggle Moon pieces. Their summer tutu and leggings sets are just so classy and perfect for photo sessions and special occasions.

    Mud Pie Baby Clothes: Mud Pie is another designer with so many fun fashions to choose from. Their baby ballet flats are almost half off, which makes them a great price for baby shoes. Mud Pie is one designer that makes for great baby shower gifts and birthday gifts because their fashions are so cute and cheerful. Don’t forget to stock up on adorable Mud Pie accessories, which can work for any season. For example, the Mud Pie Lollipop Socks are only $7.99 and would make such a fun little girl gift.

    There are also several other designers and fashions for little girls on the sale page to choose from. Remember, these fashions will be hard to find once the season ends, so do not be afraid to purchase them in larger sizes that your little one can grow into. There is nothing wrong with buying a dress two sizes too big for your little girl. Chances are that they will wear it in a season or two, and you will be glad that you snagged it at such a great price. When shopping for baby gifts during the spring sale, it is best to get gifts that are for next year. For example, if the baby is born in July, you would not want to get them a summer outfit in six months because they might not get a chance to wear it in the winter months. Instead, gift them baby outfits in 9-12 months so that they can rock out the summer outfit next summer.

    So what are you waiting for? Don’t walk but run to our seasonal sale to save on your favorite fashions now. We have some many trendy baby clothes and adorable girls clothes at great prices. However, we must warn you these cute fashions are going fast! So if you want to make sure that you get your favorite outfit in the size you need, better shop now.

    May 31, 2013
    Trendy Kids Clothes Styles You Will Love This Spring

    Spring styles are in the air; it is time to stock up on the stylish trendy kids clothes and baby clothes of the season. Lollipop Moon offers moms shopping advice with their four best spring styles. Article Body

    Have you done your spring clothes shopping for your little one yet? If not, now is the perfect time to get the trendy kids clothes you love at Lollipop Moon. All spring styles have been reduced in price and are cuter than ever! Here are our top four style picks for spring and summer.

    1.Rompers: Rompers are the best of both worlds when it comes to baby clothes. These sweet styles are an outfit in themselves and perfect for newborns and crawling babes alike. The Isobella & Chloe Madeline Hot Pink Romper and the Isobella & Chloe Jenny Coral Romper are two awesome styles for little girls. They are full of ruffles and flower designs. Not only are these designs great for playtime, but also they are also cute enough for pictures. Find them in sizes 6M, 9M, and 12M. 2.Two Piece Sets: Another trendy kids clothes fashion we can’t get enough of this spring are two piece fashion sets. As parents, we are too busy to put together cute outfits everyday, so outfits like the Isobella & Chloe Apple Green Set or the Giggle Moon Apple Of My Heart Swing Set make like a whole lot easier. These styles can be found in a variety of sizes from toddler to older girl. Of course, if you are feeling like a fashionista, you can mix and match the separate pieces how you like to create a new adorable look. 3.Modest, Adorable Bathing Suits: Spring is the perfect time to hit the beach or lake. Even if you don’t have water nearby, you can still turn on the sprinklers and let the kids run in it. There are so many fashionable bathing suits for kids on the market, but we love the ones from Chichanella Bella, since most styles are more modest and come with a sun hat. Fashionable bathing suits that keep your little one covered up is great if you want to protect her from the sun and have her look more clothed when playing in the water. Check out the Chichanella Bella Strawberry Short Cakes or Chichanella Bella Pixy Stix for two cute styles available in baby clothes sizes and trendy kids clothes sizes alike. 4.Tutu Sets: Every little girl wants to be like a princess, and with the adorable tutu sets at Lollipop Moon, they can definitely look and feel like one. The Zebra Turquoise Tutu Love Set and the Multi Love Tutu Set are two girly styles that are fun to spin and dance in. What a wonderful outfit for birthdays, special occasions, and pictures. When it comes to the best trendy kids clothes for spring, Lollipop Moon has your back. We want your little one to look their best this season, which is why we have so many adorable pieces to choose from.

    Top Baby Boutique Gifts for Boys

    Little boys love to play rough and enjoy items that let them do that. They do not like frilly, trendy baby clothes or toys, but they do love cool baby clothes and cool kid toys. This season, give the little boys in your life clothes and toys that they will really love. Cool Baby Clothes- Typically, little boys do not care about trendy baby clothes. However, add a little rock and roll and bling to their clothing and they will love their cool baby clothes. Lollipop Moon’s top baby boutique has several cool baby clothes for little boys. The Lollipop Moon Rock N Roll Kids T-Shirt and Rhinestone Hunk Baby Creeper lets everyone know what your little boy is all about. Just throw a denim jacket over Lollipop Moon’s cool baby clothes for boys, and you will have one rockin’ look. Cool Baby Shoes- Get his little feet walking with cool baby shoes. Silly Souls Rebel Baby Shoes and the Silly Souls Rock Star 4-Piece Baby Gift Set sold at Lollipop Moon’s top baby boutique are the definition of cool baby shoes. These black and silver shoes will match perfectly with any hip kid clothes your little boy wears. The Silly Souls gift sets make unique baby gifts because they come with the cool baby shoes, as well as matching cool baby clothes. Celebrity Baby Toys- One toy you will find in a celebrity baby’s driveway are a sweet set of wheels. Little boys will go wild once they see their new top baby boutique toy car. Choose from the Deep Blue Mercedes SL or the Red Enzo Ferrari 12v. There is no doubt about it – this unique baby gift will be your little boy’s favorite gift for years to come. He can drive around the block just like a celebrity baby. Want another unique baby gift, little boys will love to pretend they are flying high in the Sky King Pedal Plane. Cool Baby Blankets- Finally, give the baby gift that will soothe and comfort even the toughest little tykes. Baby blankets make the perfect baby gift because every mom and baby needs them. For a cool baby blanket just for boys, give the unique baby gift, the Swankie Blankie Camouflage & Blue Trim Receiving Blanket. This blanket will keep baby boys warm and be their number one companion when they progress into toddler years. Give them cool baby clothes that they will love to open; cool baby clothes that speak to their personality. Cool baby shoes will also make some little boys very happy because they love the idea of putting on shoes to go somewhere. Finally, little boys will scream with delight when they see a toy car or airplane made just for them. With so many unique baby gifts to choose from at Lollipop Moon’s top baby boutique, it is hard to not find a baby gift that little boys will love. Give them what they really want this year, cool baby clothes

    Spring Kids Fashions and more. Looking for trendy and unique kids clothes? Look no further Lollipop Moon has the greatest selection this spring-summer season. Enjoy amazing designs by Giggle Moon. There looks are fun colorful and oh sooo cute. While the warm summer days are approaching have your little one splash around in Mud Pie's "Mud Pie Striped Spandex Swimsuit" with black & white strip and a splash a yellow bow. These are the cutest kids bathing suit we have come across besides Chicanella Bella trendy bathing suits collection as well will have you drooling. Have you noticed Lollipop Moon is having there spring sale event? Yes all these great fashion pieces for your little trendsetter are all on sale.Designer kids clothes do not have to be super expensive just need to be super cute.Take a peak at all our designer kid clothes such as Trish Scully Child, La Petite Couture,Giggle Moon, One Posh Kid, Mud Pie, Isobella and Chloe and dont forget us Lollipop Moon has there exclusive brand as well.You can shop to you drop but take a peak at our trendy tanks for kids and oh our Baby Love Collection, there you will come across twirling little ballerina tutu sets for babies and toddlers.Experience trendy designer clothes at great prices.We do not want to hold you back from finding something fabulous.Check back often while we are always adding new kid clothes and baby gifts to our boutique.We are always looking for new ideas so do not hesitate to drop us a line and tell us any great finds you may have come across.

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